Monday, January 26, 2015

Date Night {for Parents}

Date nights look a little different now that we're parents.

My hubby and I have always lived 7-25ish hours away (Salt Lake City, Little Rock and Jackson, Mississippi) from family since we got married and we knew when we had kids that we would be doing the parent thing 100% on our own.  We wouldn't have grandma to call to help, no built in baby sitters and we would be responsible for Olive 100% of the time.

We don't go to movies in the theaters, go to quiet little restaurants, eat late dinners or stay out late anymore and that's just fine by me because we still go on plenty of dates.  We are just a party of three instead of a party of two.

We have found LOTS of ways to make date night still happen since Olive has joined our family.  

We go on breakfast dates,
rent movies,
stream movies/tv series on our tv,
go for walks,
go on weekend getaways,
get take out dinners,
pizza picnics,
 have a late dinner once Olive goes to bed at 7:30,
make fun desserts together in the evenings
and do family lunch dates during the day.

We still get alone time and enjoy doing things together.

Don't be discouraged if you are parenting and don't have built in babysitters for your kids.  Enjoy your little person and be creative with your date nights.  I'd love to hear any new suggestions of ways you make date nights happen with kids!!

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  1. Such good tips! We just try hard to keep those bedtimes prompt so we can have a date night - which definitely gets harder as they get older. But, we try! Keep these good tips comin'!!!

  2. We have a standing date night every Friday. No working no chores. Once the kids are in bed we do something fun together - watch a movie, play a game, make something fun to eat, etc.

  3. Good for you! I love that you make time for each other - you're making an even better home for Olive!

  4. I love this. This is the same situation we are in. No family anywhere nearby. We love bringing her on our date nights. Or planning our dates for at home after she goes to bed. Like beer tasting or a fire outside. Or a late dinner in.


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