Monday, January 5, 2015

Olive @ 18 Months

There's something magical that happens at 18 months.  
More language, more affection, more personality and more fun.
Schedules seem set and routines are appreciated.
The days go pretty smoothly and communication is improving.
Definitely one of our funnest months to date.

Noteable 18 Month Happenings:

// Olive learned how to give real hugs and gives "huggies" very often.

// She wants to read all the books, all the time.  She has favorites and we read/reread them all day long.  Llama, Llama, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, You are My Cupcake and her picture naming book are all favorites.

// She had her first surgery on December 3rd to help her heal from her bad burn.  We spent a good portion of the month quarantined at home with sickness and recovering.  We had our share of doctor appointments and did our best to take it easy.  We are currently trying some new bandages to help compress her scar in the hopes that it'll smooth out and no more procedures will be necessary.  We go back mid-January to recheck her hand.

// Olive's love of candy has increased with all the treats that were out for the holidays.  She broke into the candy jar and discovered how delicious candy canes were, LOVES M&M and was caught in the middle of my MIL's table wolfing them down by the handful and she loves Nerds.  I have to keep them out of her sight because she turns into a crazy woman when she spots them.

// We did tons of fun baking and holiday projects for Christmas.  We delivered cookies to our neighbors and had lots of fun decorating gingerbread men.

// Olive hunts anything with berries.  She will pick off berries from wreaths, flower arrangements and off of Christmas trees and leaves a trail of berries.  It was a little embarrassing when she did this at someone else's house.

// Loved all Christmas decorations - especially the musical ones.

//  She throws up the touchdown sign at the slight mention of a touchdown.  She's also learned to give double high fives.  My husband is thrilled with his little cheerleader.

// She loves all pens and we have to keep them hidden!  She scribbles on everything and it's darling when it's on paper, but not so darling when she tattoos herself or the furniture.

// She doesn't throw too many public tantrums and usually saves them for home.  Unless we plan a trip to Target, then she will wait and throw some pretty ugly tantrums there.  I guess she hasn't gotten the memo that Target is a sort of lady paradise.  Let's pray this changes or else she'll be banned from outings to Target... kidding... kind of :)

// Favorite foods:
chips & crackers
dips - salsa & ranch
any mexican food
apple sauce

// Frequent words:
Ho ho = Santa
happy = Christmas ornaments
apple = apple (and all other fruit)
I see you
What's this?
Who's that?
kitty cat 
Toph toph = her name for both cats
choo choo = anything with wheels (cars, trains, trucks, etc)
cheese = cheese & what she says when I'm taking her picture
ish = fish
quack quack = any bird
yummmmm = any food
Love you
Papaw - was the first person she learned to say outside of her parents.  She spends her days asking for papaw, calling him on her pretend phone and then gets stage fright when we facetime.
// I was unloading the dishwasher one afternoon and Olive was nearby.  She sees me do this most days and has just started helping.  She'd hand me silverware one piece at a time and be very proud of herself.  I got distracted with something in the fridge and I looked over to find that Olive opened the silverware drawer and was piling in the silverware.  I was shocked because I didn't realize she knew where the silverware went and she was proud of herself for taking this job on herself.

Favorite 18 Month shots:

 18 Months old will go down as one of our favorites.
Oliver may disagree...


  1. So cute! I don't know why she likes to throw tantrums in Target; it is such a wonderful store! LOL :)

  2. Holy Sweetness! She is such a cutie. I hope her hand feels better...and it made me smile to see the bandaged bunny. Happy 18 months, Olive! XOXO

  3. Oh my gosh, she is soo cute! I hope her hand heals quickly! And you are so right, Target is a lady paradise, hopefully she'll catch on soon! Happy New Year and have a great rest of your week and congrats on your engagement!

  4. She is adorable. Where do you get her cute flower head wraps? Love them!

    1. The flower head wraps came from Hobby Lobby in their hair bow section :) They're really affordable, durable and we have 4 different ones. Olive would highly recommend them!

    2. Thank you! I will have to stop in there and check them out!

  5. Just realized I read your comment wrong, you got engaged on Christmas Eve, not this past Christmas Eve, sorry about that. :)

  6. She is adorable!!! Love her little personality. My favorite picture is the one of her, throwing a serious face, with the yarn. Hilarious!

    Hope her little hand is healing up! I burned my arm when I was 7 months old, and even though I have a scar, it's MY scar, and it's something only I have :) She's been such a little trooper!

    Happy New Year!
    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  7. The silverware story is my favorite! What a smart kid!

  8. What a great update! Olive is just too fun! 18 months is definitely when the real fun starts to happen. In the last 2 weeks alone, it seems like Kane's speech has exploded! As in sometimes 3-4 new words/day, after only saying a few.

  9. She is so cute! I love reading these updates and seeing what's to come for Olivia! She helps do the silverware too - which is so fun! But she doesn't understand dirty dishes and is always trying to put the silverware back haha.


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