Saturday, July 21, 2012


Do you know how to do CPR on your pet if they would need it?

I didn't and figured, as a responsible pet parent, I needed to learn.
Read this:

I'm feeling bad b/c I had no clue where to check for a pulse on my cats.
I had no idea how to do the heimlich or CPR.
I am also slightly disturbed at the fact that my husband says 
there's no way in the world 
he'd perform CPR on either of our cats... 
let's just hope I'm home if my cats should need me.

Here's the reason that I started thinking about this issue:
My little Topher likes to sleep like this on occasion.
 His schnoz is buried in the carpet and he doesn't appear to be breathing.
He seems to be in a kitty coma of sorts...
*The first time this happened I may have acted like a crazy woman
running over to him to make sure that he was breathing...
My cats also like to chew on things and eat things that they aren't supposed to
so it's not out of the realm of possibilities 
that I might need to do some CPR feline style!
 Chillax Mom, I'm completely fine!  Love, Topher

Glad to now know how to take care of my cats if they should need it.

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