Friday, July 13, 2012

High Five for Friday

We are having a fun week of birthday events at my house.
Here are my highlights:

1. I made lots of new flower pins
and will have them in my etsy shop SOON!

2. My birthday palooza plans are working out nicely for Kevin.

3. I've gone nutty for neon 
and keep finding all kind of fun new things to wear!

4.  I have a secret...
I'm head over heels for McDonald's SWEET and SOUR sauce.
I don't even mind that they now charge $0.49 per container of it.
I rarely eat at McDonald's so this was a treat :)

5. I have 12 summer tutoring students and it's going really well.
One of my youngest students secretly drew this picture on his dry erase board.
He told me that he loves coming to school with me.

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  1. THEY CHARGE FOR SAUCE NOW? I had no idea! I'm a little appalled! But the sweet and sour is my fave too.

  2. awww i love the last photo. kids are the best. they're honest. if they like you, they love you. if they don't, they say it and they'll forgive you. they show how simple life really is.
    i came from h54f and am now a new follower. i hope you can visit my blog sometime and we can interact. i'd love to know more about you. :)

    jen @


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