Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Anniversary

We both agreed to stick to getting each other cards 
and going out to a fancy dinner for our 8th anniversary.

I made reservations for
which happens to be a favorite downtown dining spot for both of us.
1st Course: Fiesta Cheese
 2nd Course: House Salad
 3rd Course: MEAT & veggies
 4th Course: CHOCOLATE
We love The Original - chocolate + crunchy PB
 The dippers: (in order of favorite)
Rice Krispie treats
Angel Food Cake
Dinner takes several hours, you eat SO much food and it's such a good time.
I also put together a little anniversary timeline
to commemorate the occasion.
I pulled out my planners from the last 8 years
and wrote out the big events in our lives.
I did one card per year, some yellow cardstock 
and used sticker numbers to mark the years.
 We both had a great time reminiscing.
I'd highly recommend doing a timeline for your spouse
to celebrate your next anniversary.

We ended the night by enjoying a fun walk around the neighborhood.
The 24th is Pioneer Day in Utah
so there are TONS of fireworks to celebrate.
We pretended there were TONS of fireworks for our special day :)


  1. The timeline is such a cute idea. I might have to copy you once we get a few more years under our belts! And I LOVE The Melting Pot!!!

  2. Your melting pot pictures make me want to go back!!! Wish we had one in town!

  3. Oh my goodness, looking at your pictures is making me hungry! I actually went to the Melting Pot a couple of weeks ago for my birthday and I ate until I couldn't eat anymore :) What a perfect place for an anniversary dinner!

  4. Isn't The Melting Pot delish??? Glad we all agree :)


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