Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy BIRTHday Eleanor!

My newest niece made a surprise entrance today!
Eleanor Rose
 She's such a pretty baby with a head FULL of hair.
Luckily she didn't take after her Aunt Whitney because I was bald until age 3!!

I'm so glad to have my iPhone 
because I got to FaceTime into her hospital room to meet her today!
Thanks Sis for making that happen!
I'm a little partial but she really is adorable :)

The Proud Big Sis: Addison
"Want to meet my little sister?"
 is what she asked me when I got to talk to her.
Congratulations Tyler (Little Bro) and Tabitha.
Everyone is smitten :)
Can't wait to meet her soon!!


  1. Love the picture of her with her eyes open. She has such pretty black hair. Addison was so excited to finally get to hold her little sister. It was a wonderful day. So glad you could join us via your new phone. :) Mom

  2. Congrats Auntie!! How cute that you got to FaceTime into the room. :)


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