Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mementos from Your Travels

What souvenirs do you purchase for yourself on trips?
I like to find some fun accessories, buy a local staple item,
a Christmas ornament and a magnet.

I also try to pick up a rock or shell from the places I travel.
 It's a free souvenir that I can add to my collection.
It's taken me a few years but this is what my collection has grown to be.

 Here's what you'll need to start a collection of your own.
a glass cylinder or two
(I have one for rocks/shells and another for ticket stubs)
 A collection of rocks and shells
Shells from Hilton Head, Destin & Cozumel
Rocks from Badlands, SD, WY and more!
 a tray
 a map to line the tray with
I chose a map of South Carolina because it was colorful and fun
 Trim the edges off to make it fit on your tray
 Mine fit nicely and just needed to fold the last few inches
 I just laid it on the bottom of the tray .
but you could definitely glue it down or modge podge it.

 a bright colored ribbon to tie around the cylinder
a framed picture from one of your favorite trips
I choose scenic Wyoming because my husband loves this picture.

Happy collecting to you!

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  1. Wow, this such a lovely staging of souvenirs. Love that decor idea.

    <3 ani


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