Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello Friday!

This week went by so quickly!!
Here were the highlights:

1. I figured out my theme for the school year:
 Topher loved my new theme just as much as I did :)
Thank you Dollar Tree for making this possible.
If you are a teacher, 
shopping at the Dollar Tree (or any Dollar Store) is a must!

2. I tried a new cookie recipe and loved it.
Intro SUPER CHIP Cookies!
*Tune back in for the recipe in a few days.

3. I was gifted some fabulous, vintage gold chairs this week.

4. I got a lot of projects done this week - reorganized and ready to go!
I like things best when they are neat, tidy and organized.
Case in point: I organize my dirty silverware in the dishwasher
to make it easier to put away of course!
I'm sure that this is perfectly normal...

5.I finally got to carry my green clutch from Banana Republic!
I've been looking for an excuse to break it out for weeks.
I'm slightly guilty of carrying a large bag so
sometimes it's tricky for me to make do with a smalller bag.

Hope you have a great weekend!!
This is the last weekend in July; make it count!

My hubby and I are hoping to hit a baseball game, go out for dinner,
make an apple pie and get a little work done.

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