Sunday, July 22, 2012

I have a Problem.

I have a problem.
I cannot pass up clovers 
and large glass bowls when thrifting.

Let me explain.
Problem #1
 I've purchased several large glass bowls
and only spent around $5.
My eyes light up when I see them at the thrift stores.
My latest find:
$2 at DI
 They are very useful and cheap!
I've used them for showers that I've thrown, storage for accessories at home,
containers for salads, and fruit.

Problem #2
My husband went to Notre Dame and is a huge Irish fan.
I became a fan by marriage.
We have fun decorating for St. Patrick's day every year.
I'm always on the look out for new Irish items.
 I found these clover jello molds for $7 recently.
 They are a nice addition to my collection :)

Is there anything that you just cannot pass up when you are thrifting?


  1. I love the kitty in the bowl! So cute!!!!!!

    I collect Buddhas have lost count of how many I have, I love them, I'll always buy them and now people by them for me.

    - Sam

  2. Love the bowls!!! I have an obsession with white. Whether it be Pyrex or FireKing bowls and bakeware to Fenton hobnail collectibles, I can't resist. So glad I'm not the only one who gathers things like this!



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