Monday, July 2, 2012

Cat Birthday Party

I mentioned yesterday that my cats share a birthday
so here's what we did to celebrate!!
My cats are hard on toys and destroy them quickly
 so I get them new toys for their birthday to replenish their stock.
They loved the bags this year.
I got them toys with jingle bells, crinkly pom poms and cat nip filled mice.
 I found this toy at TJ Maxx.
A mouse with a tube connected to it.
You pressed the end and the mouse hops up.
The boys loved hunting it.
Several toys ended up in the toy graveyard (aka under the stove)

 Thanks Mom!  This was my best birthday yet!! Love, Oliver

 Canned cat food cakes that the boys thought were delish.
A great cat birthday was had by all.

Do you celebrate pet birthdays at your house?
You should!  Pets are people too :)

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