Monday, October 17, 2022

Quick Stop Pumpkin Patch

We headed to a nearby pumpkin patch on Friday.  It was really a church fundraiser pumpkin patch that's just a few minutes from our house not an actual farm or an actual pumpkin patch.  We were there for just about 15 minutes max and the kids were thrilled with their pumpkins.  This is our first Fall in Evansville so we are still navigating the best spots for all the holiday fun.

The kids didn't care one bit that we didn't go on some huge outing or all day experience to get their pumpkins.  They were happy with a short and sweet pumpkin experience.  We grabbed pumpkins to paint from Lowes and then these to carve.  I love that you can find pumpkins for every budget - Aldi to all day pick your own pumpkin patches. 

Mom tip: Family traditions don't have to be super expensive or super fancy to be special.


Leo couldn't wait to touch every single pumpkin.  He loved that he could carry many of them around this year.  He would have been happy to come home with any pumpkin he could lift.  He checked out every single mum, pumpkin and scare crow.  He ran around yelling WOW, WOW, WOW and made everyone smile.

Olive knew right what she wanted and found the perfect one quickly.  She's very decisive.  Then she helped keep an eye on Leo.

Fletcher carefully looked at every pumpkin to find a tall one.  He was interested in getting one of the funky looking pumpkins because he was worried they would not ever get chosen.  He's very tender hearted like that.

I always feel a little extra nostalgic in Fall because we announced both pregnancies with the boys using pumpkins.  It's such a fun time of year!!

2015: Olive announcing Fletcher


2019: The whole family announcing Leo's arrival

And I couldn't leave out Olive's announcement.  Kevin and I with my vintage baby shoes in the middle.

I just love this time of year!!  Have you gotten your pumpkins yet?  We won't be carving ours until Halloween, but we are ready.  I need to make sure I have candles for inside of them and then we'll be really ready.


  1. So much fun! I loved seeing your pregnancy announcements again too. I can’t believe I’ve been reading your blog almost 10 years! Crazy. We have a church pumpkin patch just around the corner - we need to stop in.

  2. The pumpkin patch that Mason and I go to every year is a fundraiser for a church also! I love that we can help support a local church in such a fun way! I agree with your mom tip 100%! It's all about the time together and the sweet memories made! Fletcher's sweet heart! Reminds me of Mason. He wants the pumpkins that others probably wouldn't pick first!


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