Tuesday, October 25, 2022

4 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

We've done a few different Halloween crafts this month.  They were all affordable and easy so I wanted to share them with you today.  Look at these cute cats and pumpkins!  The kids decorated their playroom and bedrooms with their Halloween art.

1 // Painted cardboard cut outs!

Break down some recent Amazon, diaper or shipping boxes that you've got around the house and then cut out Halloween shapes.  My kids requested pumpkins and cats.  I cut out a variety for them.  Diaper boxes are thin and easiest to cut, but any boxes will work.  Grab paints and paint brushes and you're ready to go.  We had everything for this project so it was free fun!

No rules - just paint them however you want!

We tried to include little brother when he woke up from his nap, but as you can see by his puffy red eyes, it wasn't the easiest toddler craft :(  He kept painting everything and got frustrated with painting rules.  He enjoyed finger painting the most and then was ultimately happiest when we gave him a tray of water, a favorite car and a brush to paint his car with water.  So note this if you're trying to come up with a toddler craft.

2 // Paint pumpkins with friends!

We went to Lowes and grabbed small pumpkins for ourselves and our friends.  The kids LOVED picking out pumpkins for their friends.  I grabbed this washable Crayola paint for the project.  It worked fine, but it's a little thin and isn't waterproof.  So these pumpkins have to stay inside.  If you want your pumpkins to be outside you'll need to grab a sealer or a waterproof paint set.

We washed the pumpkins, let them dry and then everyone got to customize their pumpkin.  Leo loved this project.  He did a candy corn theme and couldn't have been happier.  All of the other big kids loved this project, too.

Leo needed close supervision and still somehow ended up painting his face.

They had to dry overnight, but they turned out great!

3 // Olive made these sweet wooden ornaments at her class party.  They turned out really cute.  You can find similar cut outs at Hobby Lobby or Target.

4 // And if you have littles, you need to do some cute hand print or foot print art!  We did these ghosts last year and I love them so much.  The kids grow so fast so I'll never regret taking the time to stamp their sweet feet and hands.

What Halloween crafts are you doing this week??


  1. I always love your holiday craft ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love all your craft ideas - simple and do-able for little ones.

  3. Fall crafts are my favorite! We recently enjoyed this one: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/83105555615769911/

    Loved seeing Olive's faithful PSL beside her while she worked. So cute ;)


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