Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Halloween House Tour

Welcome to our Halloween house tour today!  The big kids loved helping me decorate for Halloween over the weekend.  Leo isn't much help so we tackled the decorating project at nap time.

My polka-dot pumpkins from Kirklands last year and still my very favorite!  I loved mixing striped, gingham and polka-dot pumpkins.  And I'm super traditional with black and white and orange decorations for Halloween.  

Leo woke up to the house decorated and was very curious... we tried to put most things up high and out of his reach.  Then the Halloween books and non fragile decor lower.

I framed this oil pastel pumpkin Olive made last year and loved decorating with it.

My parents made me these cute ghosts when I went off to college - a little holiday decor for my dorm room and I love them so much.

Some of my most favorite hand print art is our collection of Halloween hand prints.  It's not really a favorite holiday for me, but the hand and foot print options all turned out so cute.  I started with the tiny candy corn hand print Olive's first Halloween and have come up with cute ideas most years for hands and feet.

The kitchen is pretty simple this time of year.  A few pumpkins - edible and fake.  A stack of Pottery Barn Kids Halloween plates that I've collected over the years and lots of Fall baking supplies.  I've baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, monster cookies, chocolate dipped Halloween pretzels and these mini pumpkin chocolate chip bundt cakes. 

Some boney saland tongs, pumpkin muffin pan and Halloween colored spatulas.

These Halloween cuties had way too much fun with their vampire teeth.  hahaha

Leo was not interested in those silly teeth.  BUT he was obsessed with this singing Snoopy.

And I had way too much fun picking out matching pjs for the kids.  I've always done holiday pjs for them, but matching pjs was a first.  I loved these Carters pjs so much that I already ordered their Christmas pjs.

Is your house decorated for Halloween?


  1. I love it! I'm like you - Halloween isn't a big favorite holiday of mine, but I think a little bit of the traditional orange, black and white decor can be so fun and whimsical! The mantel is my favorite and it looks extra cute with your matching kiddos in front of it. <3

  2. I love it!! Olive’s little jack-o’-lantern art and your parents ghosts are absolutely precious. And the matching PJs are just too cute!!


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