Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Ghost Prints

Look at these cute ghost foot prints!

I love documenting these tiny hands and feet and try to squeeze in holiday projects whenever I can.  We did some ghost prints this week.  I asked Olive if she wanted to join in (since she's getting older) and she did.  We just barely squeezed all these cute ghost prints onto a chalkboard.

I always prefer foot prints over hand prints because they're much easier to do.  I added the date to the back with a Sharpie.  Last year I recapped all of my favorite Halloween hand and foot print art from the past 8 years.

The kids think it's very tickly and silly to get their toes painted.  I had to call in help for Olive to hold Leo's hands back.  It was pretty funny.  I painted Olive's first, then Fletcher's and Leo last.  It's tricky to make sure not to touch the wet paint as you keep stamping.  Do one generous coat of paint on each foot, stamp and then press down each toe and touch up any spots that didn't stamp well with your finger. 

Let the white paint dry completely.  Add black paint faces.  I just flip the paint brush over and dot the black paint faces on.  Olive saw the ghost faces and promptly requested I add a bow to her ghost's hair :)  Done!  I'm also laughing because their prints reflect their personalities - Olive likes things neat and tidy and the boy's prints were a little smeary and messy.  I love the finished product and would definitely recommend doing prints on chalkboards.

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