Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Finding Free Seasonal Home Decor

Do you ever want to add seasonal touches to your home, but don't want to spend money on it?

I've got a creative solution for you!

Look in your yard or your neighborhood and shop the free things around you!

I've spent the past few years intentionally planting shrubs, bushes and flowers that I can clip from and bring inside.  We also have lots of big trees in our yard that have provided branches and pine cones for my decor year round.  And if you don't have things growing in your yard, walk your neighborhood and grab things that fall into the street - acorns, pine cones, branches, etc.

Look at this pretty Fall bundle!  

I picked up these pretty pine tree branches over the weekend.  Our trees dropped them and they were the prettiest color for Fall.  I let them sit outside in a bundle for a day to get out any bugs and then brought them inside for my kitchen table.  Add some pumpkins and a favorite Ball jar vase and I'm done!  Free Fall decor!

If you're doing any Fall planting, keep these things in mind.  They're all great for trimming year round and bringing inside.  We bought tiny Boxwood bushes 5 years ago.  They're HUGE now and I trim from them often.  You can trim enough off for a pretty vase - just trim the back or the bottom of the bush and no one will ever know!

I love to trim off 6 or so Boxwood branches and add them to any fresh bouquet.  It just adds interest and variety to the bouquets. 

Boxwoods + Olive's birthday bouquet.

Lantana plants are such a great annual plant to grow.  This started out as one tiny bunch back in May and now look how huge the Lantana has grown.  I grow pink/yellow, yellow and this white and yellow.  They're the sweetest tiny little flower that are great for putting in a small vase.

Lavender!  You can trim off some for a bouquet or dry some.  It smells AMAZING.

Peonies.  They're lovely every May.  I love to trim them and bring them inside.

Lastly, I have several Yarrow plants - white, yellow and pink.  They're sweet little flowers that are fun to bring inside.  And if they're growing in your yard, they'll be free to bring inside!

Would this work at your house?


  1. Nicely done!
    ---Retired Florist

  2. Beautiful idea! I definitely need to be better about doing this. 🌸


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