Monday, October 25, 2021

Halloween Pumpkin Nachos

Happy Halloween week!!  

I've got a really easy, fun nacho idea for you this week.  It could be an easy snack or a fun appetizer to go with dinner.  It's quick and cute!  My crew loved it.

You just need

tortilla chips

your favorite cheese

face making supplies - black olives, sweet peppers, sour cream, green onion and salsa for dipping!


Customize the toppings for your family!  

It's so easy -  put your chips in a circle around the plate - leave one out on top for the stem - melt your cheese, add your toppings and enjoy.  I served it with a bowl of salsa on the side. 


I think next time I'll let give the kids the supplies to make their own face on the pumpkin.


Would your family like some pumpkin nachos this week??

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