Friday, October 1, 2021

Friday Happies

Happy Friday and Happy October!!  Fall is here.  Although it's warm again in the Midwest.  We're excited for a fun month of Halloween festivities and Fall Fun.  Our week was pretty normal - I got a lot done around the house, sold lots of things on a local Facebook marketplace page, made dinner for two different families and worked on several organizing projects.  It felt good to get the ball rolling on lots of things at home.  

The best parts of our week were:

1. Kevin got me this beautiful Fall bouquet from the grocery store last Friday and it's still looking gorgeous in my kitchen a week later.

2. Remember how I told you last week that a random delivery guy broke our mailbox?  Well thanks to a helpful neighbor who had the supplies/tools we needed, Kevin and Fletcher worked together to put up a new post.  Our mailbox is back in action and it didn't cost us anything to fix it.  Yay!

3. Notre Dame beat Wisconsin!  The afternoon game was the perfect opportunity to introduce Leo to touchdown push ups.  We scored a lot so he got hoisted in the air a lot to celebrate all those points.  He thought we were pretty silly.

4. Monster Cookies - I added Halloween Monster Cookies to the menu at Jordan Bakery Box for October.  Aren't these the cutest little monsters!?!

5. Charcuterie for dinner!  My family loved it and I did it a little differently this week.  I chopped and prepped everything in the afternoon and then put the board in the fridge.  It worked great to chop it in advance.

6. National Daughter's Day!  Totally silly holiday, but I'll take any excuse to snap a picture with my favorite girl.  She's the best helper, sister, student and girl.

7. Wild man Leo.  He did more crazy things this week than I can even recount.  He got into everything and my grand plan of flipping over the barstool so he couldn't climb didn't work out so well.  He climbed inside of it and then was trying to tip it over.

8. Meow!  My camera roll was filled with cats this week.  Penny & Pearl are loving the warm sunshine and Topher has been friendlier than usual.

9. Fletcher turned 5 1/2 this week!  I made a dinner of his choice, got him some new Pokemon cards and he wanted chocolate ice cream for dessert.

I hope you had a great week, too.  See you back here on Monday!

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  1. Happy Friday! Topher is such a handsome boy - I'm glad he's still doing well. <3 So glad you got your mailbox fixed. We had a package majorly crammed into our mailbox this week and it reminded me of your situation (although we didn't have any real damage). Your kiddos are getting so big and are such cuties! Hope you have a lovely weekend with lots of pushups! :)

  2. What a FUN week!! Oh Leo!! He is a mess!

  3. Such a happy week! Love seeing Leo’s antics. You’ll have to make a Chatbook full of them :) Those cookies look oh so good! Happy weekend :)

  4. The flowers are beautiful - love the deep colors together. Such cute pics of the kids. Have a wonderful weekend!


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