Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Trick or Treat Yourself

We headed to the country club to trick or treat the golf course on Saturday.  The weather was PERFECT.  There was a chill in the air and we snuggled close.

The boys love all things military so that's where our theme came from this year.  Fletcher had an army birthday party back in March and Leo LOVES pointing out planes.

Leo = Air Force Pilot (that refuses to wear his hat)

Fletcher = Army guy

Olive = Space Force


They were thrilled with their costumes.  And I love a good theme.


We started off with a yummy dinner on the patio and then headed out for a private hayride.  That totally happened by accident, but it was cool for it to be just us on a tour of the fall leaves around the golf course.  We headed in to grab some golf carts.  This was the year we officially couldn't fit on one golf cart.  Last year I wore Leo in the Ergo and this year he's a big kid :)

The boys went first in their cart and Olive and I followed close behind.  It was SO FUN to drive around the different stops on the course and get candy.  The kids got to practice their manner and candy eating.  They got lots.  They loved coming home to trade candy.  I got all the Twizzlers and Heath Bars and they were pretty happy collecting everything else.

We came home to watch Notre Dame beat USC!  What a night :)

Olive // Sweet big sis.  She's growing up so fast and her dream of letting her hair grow is happening!

Fletcher // He's so silly and sweet.  Cracks us up all the time.

Leo // Have you ever seen a cuter pint sized pilot?  He LOVES his costume.

Kevin was fresh off the golf course.  He played in a tournament all day and then we met him there.

Hay ride time!  Also Fletcher wants to give a peace sign in every picture.  We could all use a little more peace and smiles in our lives.

The members set up stations all around the course.  Some go all out and decorate.  This sweet spider lady gave out bouncy balls that were a big hit.

That was a good warm up for read trick or treating this weekend!


  1. Love these! Looks like a really fun time!!!!!

  2. What a great idea! This looks like so much fun. Their costumes are so cute and creative. On a side note, Michael's dad was in the AF during Vietnam and brought him a little jumpsuit when he came home. And then Jack wore it. I think he was about 18 months old in this pic. https://txtanya.blogspot.com/2005/06/jack-in-michaels-old-air-force-uniform.html


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