Monday, October 18, 2021

Easy Spooky Halloween Menu

Have you seen all the festive food in stores right now?

My stores have aisles and aisles of holiday fun - Bag of Bones Cheetos. Pumpkin shaped Reese Cups, Pumpkin spice everything, Ghost and Bat Veggie Chips & lots of candy!

I am loving using all that holiday food in school lunches, snacks and for charcuterie boards.  You can do as much or as little cooking as you want.  There are fun holiday food options for every effort level.

I'm going to give you some Halloween menu inspiration today.  I hope you find a couple things that interest you for your family or friends!

My kids LOVE these silly Wilton edible eye balls.  They might be hard to find right now, but checking the regular baking aisles of your stores and hopefully you'll be able to get some.

Halloween Lunch - all the orange and circle shaped things I could find.  All the olives and tomatoes look like eyes.

School Lunch:

Pairs of eyeballs - hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, carrots, & sausage links, pumpkin food pic and anything orange I could find.

After School Snack:

Apples & Caramel dip (my kids tried it and decided they'd prefer crunchy peanut butter)

Lots of bits of festive things - pumpkin spice pretzels, trail mix, mini Oreos, cheese crackers, etc.

I've been selling tons of monster cookies and chocolate dipped pretzels this month!  The kids love when I have some extras for them.  I love these Halloween M&Ms from Sams.

I screenshotted a couple of inspiration pics for Halloween food.  I love @ainttooproudtomeg for holiday foods.  My kids would LOVE an eyeball filled muffin tin snack with a Halloween theme.

I've got plans to build a charcuterie pumpkin dinner, but I want to make sure that I include our favorite orange/black/Halloween foods and not just grab every orange thing I can find.  My crew wouldn't eat dried apricots or some of those cookies but they do like Cheetos and Goldfish.

What festive food is on your radar for Halloween??

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