Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Spring House Tour & Easter Treats

Hello Spring!  It's really feeling and looking like Spring in Indiana.  Last weekend I got excited and got out all of our Easter decorations.  I put out our favorite things, threw away junky things and then donated the decorations I no longer use.  It felt great to do all of that so when I go to put everything away, I'll have a little more breathing room.

Last year I didn't decorate for Easter.  Leo was born just a few days before Easter and I couldn't be bothered with decorating and undecorating :)  I'm a big believer of only decorate when you feel like it.

I have a sweet story to share with you... a few weeks ago a local instagram friend named Lisa messaged me.  She said she was downsizing her Easter bunny collection, knew I loved holiday decor and she wondered if I'd want any of her bunnies.  We messaged back and forth and I went to pick up a very generous collection of bunnies from her porch.  Her generosity really made my whole Spring.  A little kindness can go a long way!

Welcome to my home!  A basket of tulips to greet you.

Penny was very into my house tour.  Keep an eye out for her in many of my pictures.  I swapped out the ribbon on this bunny and made her more my style. 

I like to add bunnies here and there to all our favorite spots.

Easter napkins, bunny napkin rings, bunny S&P shakers and a few eggs on my tiered tray.

My mantel is one of my favorite spots to decorate.  Lisa gave me this beautiful bunny couple on both sides of the mantle.

Cute white bunnies from Lisa mixed in with some of my Easter staples.

We keep holiday/seasonal books in the baskets in front of the fireplace.  These are some of our favorites.  Most are from Amazon and can ship to you well before Easter if you need some Easter basket inspiration.  I'll put my Amazon links at the bottom of this post.  

I love the hand and foot print paintings we've done in the past for Easter.

I picked up these Chocolate Truffle Eggs from Aldi last weekend.  They were only $3.98 and they look delicious!  I thought they'd be the perfect teacher treat.  The kids go on spring break next week.  I'm going to add a ribbon and a cute note that says something like "We're so egg-cited for spring break!  Hope you have a Happy Easter!  Love, Olive"


I can't wait to make some carrot cake!  I usually make carrot cake cupcakes with this recipe from the PDP archives.

And I'll definitely be serving some Easter themed lunches in egg cartons for the kids.

Here are my Amazon affiliate links to our very favorite Easter books.  Thanks for supporting my blog!


  1. Just beautiful!! How sweet of Lisa - I love that! Gonna look for those eggs at Aldi :)

  2. I love all your spring touches. I hope to pull out my Easter stuff this weekend!


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