Friday, March 26, 2021

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!  I hope you've had a wonderful week.  I can't believe it's already the end of March.  This year is zooming by.  We've been enjoying all things Spring and at 3:00pm today the kids are on Spring Break!  Yay!  We've got some fun plans, Fletcher's birthday, a road trip and then Easter to look forward to next weekend.  That kind of snuck up on me.  It's early this year.

I've got lots of favorites to share with you today.

1. Leopard Slides

I ran in Old Navy last weekend to do a return, quick browse the Easter dress options and could not pass up these leopard slides.  They were full price at $16.99.  That's a great price and inventory was low.  I knew they'd sell out so I grabbed them.  Won't they be cute at the pool!?  They run true to size, come in some patterns and solids and they seem pretty sturdy.

2. Outdoor Adventures

We walked to our favorite park and these two worked on their tree climbing skills.  Don't you love it when you catch real smiles from your kids?!?  PS Do you have any tips for getting tree sap out of hair?  Asking for a friend...

3. Easter Fun

I made an Easter egg lunch in an egg carton.  The kids loved it.  Just wash out an egg carton with warm, soapy water, dry it and you've got a festive lunch tray.

Have you tried these Nerd jelly beans??  They are amazing!!  Crunchy outside and chewy inside.  And I couldn't pass up the Reese's Puffs bunny cereal for Easter.  I don't know how they do it, but the cereal tastes just like Reese's cups.

The house is all decked out for Easter.  The holiday book baskets on each side might be my favorite part.  I'm adding a new book to each kid's Easter basket.  Check out all of our favorite Easter books in this post.

4. BIG Salads

I've gotten back into the routine of big salads for lunch.  I buy enough to eat the same salad several times and it saves so much time and prep each day.  I alternate dressings each day to change things up a bit.

5. Exercising

I hit some fun personal goals this week.  I ran for 13 minutes straight!!  I realize for big time runners that is nothing, but for someone who could only run 2-3 minutes straight back in January, I was super proud!  Yay for getting stronger!  I love having a treadmill at home.

6. Mommy & Me Dentist Appt

I made a promise to myself to focus on my health this year.  That meant bringing Leo along to my teeth cleaning appointment this week.  My grand plan of occupying him in the stroller did not work.  He fussed, burst into tears when the ladies in the office tried to talk to him and was only happy on my lap.  Once I held him, he was perfectly happy to be there.  The staff was super nice and it went well.  Yay for self care!

7. School Lunches

I have started simplifying my life and packing very similar lunches for both kids.  It's saved me lots of time.  Here's an example.  All the big things are the same.  Can you spot the differences??

I also did a fun B is for Basketball March Madness themed lunch for Fletcher one day.

8. Drive Thru date at Chick-Fil-A

Chicken Minis are the way to his heart.

9. Kitty Meeting

I walked into my family room to see the cats having a meeting and enjoying the Spring view.  The birds have been very busy and the cats have loved watching them at all the windows.  The kittens are growing fast and working really hard to be best buddies with Topher.

10. School Birthday

Fletcher got to celebrate his birthday at school with friends.  He requested Square Donuts, liked the attention of carrying the birthday sign around the building and can't wait to be officially 5 on Monday.

11. Park Adventures

We met some friends at the park and enjoyed the lovely weather!  The rivers are really high here.  We walked at the river and checked out the playgrounds.  The boys looked so cute in their camo.

12. Leo The Climber

He's climbing everything and the window seat is his favorite place.  We joke that it's his office.  He is very proud of all his new climbing and the house is basically a whole new world for him.


He loves to help me with the dishwasher.  It's crazy how fast he's growing up!  Look at that sweet, chunky baby.

13. Sun's out, Toes out

We went on a family walk almost every day this week.  It's fun to see our neighbors again and get some fresh air.  Don't tell Olive that Fletcher is quickly catching up to her in height :)

14. Early Morning Snuggles

Olive tells me often that she loves not having to set an alarm on the weekends and getting to hang out in her pjs.  These two were the first ones up and enjoyed snuggles. 

What was the best part of your week?

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. What a fun week!! The kids and the kitties are so precious!

  2. I really loved this post, so many fun things. I LOVED the Kitty Meeting SO MUCH, haha! Proud of you for running. I did Couch to 5K a few years ago and it was so satisfying making goals.


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