Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Organize with Me: Jars

I'm starting a new series on Wednesdays called Organize with Me

I love organizing.  I love decluttering spaces, getting rid of things that you don't use and using pretty containers that won't break the bank.  I wish I could show up at all of your houses to help you organize.  Since that's impossible, I hope my organizing blog posts will inspire you to organize.

An organized space is a happy space.

I can't wait to give you a tour around my house of spaces and items I've organized in the hopes that you'll be able to use my ideas at your house.  They'll be easy enough to implement that anyone can join in.  My goal is to share 1-2 organizing posts with you a month.

Let's talk about jars today!

I've been collecting jars over the past year or so to build up my collection.  I am a big advocate of repurposing jars, picking up jars for a great deal at TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart or finding thrifted jars.  I have found some really great jars at Goodwill.  

Organizing doesn't have to be expensive despite what The Container Store says!


I love keeping pantry items in jars!  It really helps me to keep tabs on my ingredients and alerts me when they need to be refilled.  I picked up the two hobnail jars in Florida as a vacation souvenir and the middle jar came from TJ Maxx.  I smile every time I use the hobnail jars because they remind me of Florida!  These jars always hold chocolate chips, brown sugar and mini M&Ms.  I keep them on my baking shelf in my pantry.

Jars like this area also great for storing granola.  I have never had much luck making homemade granola.  We love the Aldi granola so I buy a bag and fill up my jar with store bought granola.  It's prettier than the plastic bag and keeps the granola really fresh.  An added bonus, my family always knows where to look for the granola.  It's always in this jar.

These little jars are so handy in my kitchen!  I keep holiday candy in them, baking soda, chia seeds and yeast.  I always measure baking soda with a teaspoon and yeast with a 1/4 a teaspoon so I leave those measuring spoons inside the jars.  It saves me time when I'm baking because I don't have to go looking for the right spoon.  It's already paired with the dry ingredient.

The little jars are free because I reuse them.  They come from these Great Value Manzanilla olives from Walmart.  They come in all sizes, but the 10oz is my favorite.  These jars meet all the right criteria for being reused - the label comes off really easily, the lid is plain - no print or text on it and the size is really handy.  I just wash them well and they are ready to reuse.

I also love these square Atlas jars that come with the Classico marinara sauce in them.  The jars are the perfect size for drinking glasses or vases for flowers.  I don't care to use the lid because of all the print on it.  It's distracting and doesn't look as clean as a plain lid.  I throw away the lids and add these cute square jars to my drinking glass section of my cabinet.



What would you put in a pretty jar??


  1. Love your jar collection! You're so right that it doesn't have to cost Container Store prices to have a beautifully organized home. I also love using jars for granola and brown sugar. Right now I'm looking for the perfect one to store my coffee grounds!

  2. Such great tips! I am greatly looking forward to more of your organizing posts! I need to get more of my pantry items in cute jars.

  3. YAY! Looking forward to all the organization posts!!!!!

  4. I love using jars too. I've been known to spray paint a lid in order to cover ugly writing. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. The spoon kept in the jar is the best idea ever!!! My husband has accidentally ground several of my measuring spoons in our garbage disposal, lol, but I think I'm going to be on the hunt for some extra pairs to keep in my jars! I love all my baking stuff in clear containers, too.

  6. I keep a spoon in my granola! Love all the pretty jas!

  7. Great idea! I have a ton of jars I need to repurpose. The tip on the measuring spoon is a great tip too.

  8. At Home has a great selection of jars and glass storage. That's where I look if I'm on the hunt for something specific.


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