Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Amazon Favorites

I've got a great mix of things to share with you today from Amazon.  They really do carry almost everything.  Except single wooden letters for a craft project.  I couldn't find those, but they really do have most things.

A little preview:

#3 will give you AMAZING results!

#2 is going to help me organize my outdoor space

#4 is something I'd wear every single day if I could.

Enjoy my Amazing Favorites!  All the links are my affiliate links.  Thanks for supporting PDP!


1. Play-Doh Builders Sets

My kids got the igloo set around Christmas time from Aldi and then I ordered them this Play-Doh Builders Ice Cream stand for their Easter baskets.  The price jumps around like crazy on these.  I got them for $9.99 each so keep an eye on the price before you buy them.  My older kids (4 & 7) played with their igloo set for HOURS.


2. Keter Marvel Plus 71 Gallon Resin Outdoor Box

We have been needing some outdoor storage for a while.  All of the bins I'd purchased have broken or were too small.  I saw this 71 gallon outdoor storage bin on sale recently and had to pull the trigger.  It comes in brown and gray.  I went with the gray because it was cheaper.  I can't wait to have one big bin for all the balls, toys and things my kids love to play with.  It should arrive today - just in time for the Spring weather we are having.



3. Pantene Rescue Shots Hair Treatment

With a whopping 3000+ reviews on Amazon, I ordered another 3 pack of these Pantene Rescue Shots.  They work so well.  I've done three treatments and I can already see a difference in the shine and smooth feel of my hair.  They're crazy affordable at under $10 and the really live up to the hype.  This is the 3rd or 4th time I've purchased them over the years.  I have another box of three do in March.



4.  CRZ Yoga Pants with Pockets

I've talked about these CRZ yoga pants for months now.  I got my first pair for my birthday and they are my #1 favorite yoga pants.  They do not slide down when you workout.  They have the perfect about of compression.  They're high waisted, have pockets and come in tons of prints and colors.  I wear my black leopard ones all the time and am waiting for the black camo ones to come back in stock in my size.  I would recommend sizing down one size.


5. Crayola Scrubbie Pets

My kids have loved playing with these Crayola Scrubbie Pets for over a year now.  I added them to their Easter baskets and stockings last year.  They're white fuzzy animals and they come with special markers + a scrubbie brush.  You color them and wash them.  As long as you wash them right away, the marker washes right off.  My kids love coloring the animals, giving them baths and then recoloring them.  Highly recommend for upcoming Easter baskets or for birthday gifts for kids in your lives.


 6.St Patrick's Day Picture Books

The kids are getting Pete the Cat and the Great Leprechaun Chase & How to Catch a Leprechaun this month.  They always love new holiday books for a new month.


What have you been buying on Amazon lately??

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  1. Yay for St. Patrick's Day books. I love giving my nieces and nephew books as gifts.


  2. I love a good Amazon roundup! You're right, they have pretty much everything you'd ever need. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the million options for one thing (which is such a first world problem, I know!) so I always love seeing what others choose. My random recent Amazon purchase was an air mattress. Our guest room has a full bed, so I decided it would be good to have on hand for when our nieces and nephews visit. It was only $20 and came with an air pump!

  3. Grace loved her new leggings that I sent as a surprise! Thanks for the recommendation. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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