Monday, March 29, 2021

Fletcher is FIVE!

Fletcher turns 5 today!!

He's been ready for this day for weeks.  He is a whole hand now - 5!


I've got too many favorite things to pick just one so I'll give you a little run down of Fletcher Age 5.

Fletcher is the funniest guy.  He cracks us up all the time.

He leaves all of his big decisions up to eeny meenie miney moe.

He's a foodie.  His biggest birthday choice is choosing just one restaurant to go to for dinner because he loves so many of them.

Army guys are his favorite right now, but he still wants to be a police man.

He loves big.  He loves hugs, snuggles, asking for kissing hands and is a love machine.

He has big feelings about everything - laughs, loves, cries and empathizes with others.

Fletcher notices everything and wants to point it out.

He is generous with compliments.

He tells you he loves you a million times a day.

He's a cat guy.

Fletcher makes up hilarious songs.

Fletcher LOVES games.  He'd play games 24/7 if he could.

He started school this year and he's learning so much.

He loves to be my helper.


Kevin's favorite thing about Fletcher is: 

Fletcher loves to play sports with him, talks in funny voices, makes silly noises, makes up dances, loves good food and loves everyone.

Olive's favorite thing about Fletcher is:

Fletcher has the funniest voices and I love talking with him every night when we are supposed to be going to bed.

Leo's favorite thing about Fletcher is:

Fletcher always share snacks with Leo, makes Leo laugh, carries him around and shares his toys with Leo.  

Happy Birthday, Fletcher!  We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Fletcher!! He is such a cutie! Funny people are my favorite so I bet we'd get along just fine. :)

  2. Aww, happy birthday Fletcher! Five is the coolest age to be! And what a sweet birthday tribute, Whitney!

  3. Happy birthday, Fletcher! 5 is a great and fun age (but as parents, aren't they all?!). He sounds like such a fun and sweet little dude. Hope he has the best birthday week ever :-)


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