Friday, March 5, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I hope you've had a wonderful week.  It's been warm-ish and sunny in Indiana all week.  It's been so nice to go for walk, be outside and to see the sun.  We even have Spring flowers peeking up in our landscaping.

I've got lots of favorites to share with you today.

Leopard Shoes //

I found these cute Avia leopard tennis shoes at Walmart this week!  They're comfy, cute and only $18.98!  They're light weight and will be perfect for chasing my kids around parks and playgrounds.  I love that they're so affordable and fun.  I think they run true to size and would recommend them! 

 Alpaca Farm //

Our local MACC Mom's group is getting back up and running with outdoor events this year and we had some fun ones this week.  We did a drive thru tour of a local alpaca farm.  They were so cute and fuzzy.  Fletcher got to pet the white one's back because they really don't love their heads being touched.  It was so neat.  We can't wait to go back and explore with the whole family.  We are seriously tempted to adopt an alpaca for the year and go check in on him or her.  They're so cute!

Lemon Love //

I found this wreath at TJ Maxx recently.  It's inspiring a whole laundry room refresh.  I have high hopes for some wallpaper, fresh coats of paint, new storage, new rug and LEMONS!

Dollar Tree //

I picked up these classroom decor items to use as lunch box notes.  They're 10 for $1 and super cute.  I think they'll be the perfect oversized lunch box note.

Neighborhood Walks //

We reinstated neighborhood walks this week.  It's fun to see the icy ponds thaw out and to see signs of spring all over.  The big kids love making the change from winter coats to wearing puffer vests.  And Leo loves when we unzip his winter bubble and chat with him on walks.

Picnic & Planes //

We hosted a playgroup called picnics and planes at our local airport.  We went through Culvers drive-thru to get burgers, fries & cheese curds and then set up a picnic with some friends at the airport.  We saw tons of planes come and go.  The army men landed towards the end and they were excited to see a whole crew of kids.  They gave everyone stickers and said hello from their training flight from Tennessee.  Fletcher is really into "army guys" right now so it made his day.

Cats //

Topher is coming out of his shell more and more after his best friend of 12 years Oliver died back in January.  I really think he was depressed for a few weeks.  Now he's out and about all day and hops up on my lap anytime I sit down.  He's a handsome guy!

Penny & Pearl are so sweet.  Anytime I get out the stroller, they hop in the basket as if they'd like to go and get some fresh air.  haha. 

I was closing down the house for the night and couldn't find the girls.  Then I spotted them snuggled up on Olive's sleeping bag for the night.  Cozy!

School: PreK & Fletcher //

Fletcher finally got to have his Valentine's Day party at school after a long snow delay.  He loved it!

Fletcher has had the best time in PreK lately (still a little teary at drop off, but he powers through, gives kisses and hugs and goes on his way).  He's been learning about the solar system and weather.  We also had a to make a Lucky poster for March to tell all the things he feels lucky to have or to do.  It turned out really cute.

It was Spirit Week at Olive's School - she dressed in theme every day.  PJ Day, Book Character day, Show your School Spirit Day, Military day and hat day.  She wanted to be Abi from Magic Kitten #1.  She went to school with her kitten and was thrilled.

Swimming Lessons //

The big kids started swimming lessons this week.  They'll go once a week and they loved it.  They both have grown so much that we had to hurry and order new swim suits.  Their instructor was giving them their fist task and she said ready, set, go!  Fletcher misunderstood and jumped out into the pool instead of just kicking on the side of the pool.  She retrieved him quickly and reexplained the rules of the kicking game.  Haha.  He just said, Oh I misunderstood!  Good thing they're practicing their swimming :)

Sunrises //

We saw this gorgeous sunrise and many more on the way to take Olive to school in the mornings.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  We have some fun plans with friends, family & have our favorite babysitters booked!  And I think the weather is supposed to be pretty nice.  Yay!!!  

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  1. SO much fun!! Penny and Pearl are just the CUTEST!

  2. Wow, what a great week!! I tcan’t get over how social your kitties are..I love it! And I’m so glad that Topher is perking up. What a sweet face he has. That swimming story was so cute - he’s so articulate!

  3. Lots of good stuff this week!! Your indoor pool is so nice - what's more fun than swimming when it's cold outside? I'm so glad that Topher is doing better. He really is so handsome, I love his beautiful markings! Cats always know how to find the coziest spots in the house, don't they? Love those kittens! <3

  4. Have you ever been to the wild animal farm in Arcola, IL? It's AWESOME and your kids would love it, might be a little too far though, I think about an hour from you guys.

  5. What a beautiful sunrise! We went to an alpaca farm a few years ago and learned how they turn the fur into yarn too and got to try out some weaving. It was so neat and we learned so much about the animals!

  6. It looks like you had a good week. I had a hard week this week so your blog made me smile.

  7. Love the lemon wreath! It looks like it would brighten up any space! And how precious are your cats?! The ones in the stroller really got me, haha!


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