Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Inviting Your Kids to Help with Christmas

As my kids are getting older, I'm trying to incorporate them into our holiday planning.

The kids are often at the center of all the holiday fun events and activities, but it's different now that they are older.

They've got big thoughts, ideas and plans about what they'd like to do.  I'm trying to ask for their help with Christmas activities, include them in our planning and ask their input.  None of these things comes natural to me.  I'm probably best described as "bossy with a smile" and in my mind there's a right way to do all the things.  I like to be efficient and organized in everything I do.  All of those qualities are great sometimes and not so great other times.  

My tendency to do everything myself can rob the kids of the joy of learning new things.  

I have to remind myself of this fact often.  I have been better this holiday season about including them and slowing down to teach them new things.  It's been good for all of us.

Here are some ways to include your kids in your Christmas:

These are their favorite jobs from the season so far.  

*Kids ages 4 & 7 and most of these things were new experiences for them.

1. Christmas Cookie Delivery Team

Whenever I bake treats to giveaway I try to limit the little hands touching the food.  I want the food we gift to be touched as little as possible.  This year I did all the baking for neighbors and friends.  I consulted them on the cookie menu and then they were a great little delivery crew.  They got a lot of joy out of ringing doorbells, saying Merry Christmas and giving out plates of cookies.

2. Decorators

I relinquished control of the decorating in several areas this year.  I gave them the jobs and they took their jobs very seriously.  They were in charge of setting up all the nativities.  This one is my favorite.  I love that everyone has their eyes on baby Jesus. The big kids also decorated their Christmas tree and Leo's with just a little help from me.

3. Spa Goers

The idea of having a spa day at home came up on their Christmas break to do list.  We've never done one before and have had the best time carrying out their plans.  We adapted it a bit to do several spa treatments each day over the week.  So far we have done a foot bath with Orbeez beads - that was hilarious.  Then we did cucumbers on their eyes, warm wash cloths and fun smelling lotions.  Don't forget the relaxing spa play list.  We still have manis/pedis, massages, hair styles and foot rubs on their wish list.  We set out yoga mats, used our bathroom towels and this brought them so much joy.

4. Donut Hunters

Our favorite local donut place - Square Donuts - offers Christmas donuts this time of year.  The only catch is that you have to get there early to get them.  We've tried and failed a few times.  Yesterday, we swung through the drive through and had Christmas tree donut success!  They were SO excited!  It was a fun adventure to work on together.

5. Bakers

I make cinnamon rolls by myself regularly.  Yesterday they asked to help.  I gave them important jobs and they were so excited to be cinnamon roll helpers.

6. Cheesers

We were driving around looking at lights at the park.  Mrs Mouse usually hosts a whole weekend of fun things, but not this year.  We spotted her at the park.  The kids asked to jump out and go say hello.  Kevin pulled over, got the kids ready to go and snapped their picture with Mrs Mouse.  I said no (bc I'm a rule follower and didn't want to get out of line).  He said yes and made it happen.  I'm glad de did.  Now we have a picture with Mrs Mouse for the 4th year in a row.  The kids were thrilled.

7.Gift Wrappers

I have never done this one, but they were eager to help this year.  We've teamed up to practice cutting wrapping paper, tearing off bits of tape, folding corners, etc.  They beam with pride with each imperfectly wrapped gift and I love seeing their confidence grow.  They only wanted to wrap a few at a time and then they'd be done, but it was fun to do it together.

8. Mail Monitors

It's their job to monitor the mail every day.  They took all our Christmas cards to the mailbox, kept a close eye on the flag and the mail trucks in our neighborhood.  They'd get the mail and packages off the porch every day.  They learned how to sort bills, cards, etc.  It's been fun to delegate this job to them.

Would your kids enjoy doing these jobs?

Here's your nudge to let them help with jobs you normally take care of by yourself.

I'd love to hear other ideas for including your kids in Christmas planning, prep and festivities.


  1. Love this post!! You are such an intentional mama. ❤️❤️❤️ I will say, the upside of teaching your kids to wrap is they become full-time wrappers later on! Love it! Some thing that Havalah wanted to do this year is be in charge of all the Christmas baking. At first it was a little hard for me to relinquish control of all the traditional cookies that I have always made, but she loved pouring over cookbooks and planning the cookie menu, made made my heart burst.

  2. LOVE spa day for the kids!!!! I also love how they positioned the nativity, so sweet!

  3. Ha, I remember those days with the kid-arranged nativity sets. These days, my teens do shopping, wrapping, cleaning and baking. :) Enjoy your week!


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