Friday, July 11, 2014

What's On My Face

I thought I'd document my make up routine and share my favorite products with you today.  I have used some of the same products FOREVER and then others are newer to my bag.

I splash my face with water in the morning and moisturize with 
 Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer- 4 fl oz

I do a layer of mascara before anything else and let it dry.
Cover Girl Super Thick Lash in very black has been my go to for years.  I also have to have lots of q-tips ready because I get mascara everywhere when I'm applying it.  I've never been able to figure out how people apply mascara in the car or on the go because I'm so messy with mine.

Face primer all over.
I've used this for about a year and am pretty happy with it.  It's $10 a tube.  I love the primer from Smashbox but don't want to pay $40 a tube for it.  I think I might give this primer - Loreal Magic Lumi - a try when my current tube runs out.

I'll do a second layer of mascara. 

I use Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation and concealer 
and have used these for years.

I'm currently hopping between a few different blushes and they are all kind of meh... I've loved ELF mascara in the past but every single one seems to contain GLITTER now so I'm breaking up with them.  I have a few others I'm using for now to get by but I'm hoping to try this option by Hard Candy.
Add eye liner next (but lately have been skipping it since it's SO HOT and I'm thinking less is more when you're talking about your face melting off :)

Add a light dusting of my very favorite
Clinique - Like Mink eye shadow duo
I've worn this for several years and it's definitely a splurge worthy item in my make up bag ($18.50) because it wears so well, looks great all day and nothing compares to the perfect about of shimmer, color combo and neutral look of it.

 I always wear lipstick but do not currently have a favorite.
I'm wearing about 4 different tubes of anything from Revlon to Clinique.  I like a bold lip so I rotate my options all throughout the week.

I use Clean and Clear oil control sheets throughout the day.
I've used this product for probably 10 years and nothing else compares to it.  I have tried all of the knock off brands and they are junk.  Don't waste your money.

 At the end of the day, I periodically use Proactive to wash my face but usually just use store brand make up remover wipes and water to wash my face.  Lots of moisturizer and I always put on chap stick before bed.

*Many images from drugstore

I'd love to have some help with:
1. Finding a foundation that's great in high humidity - 
AKA doesn't melt off your face as soon as you walk outside in the South

2. Favorite lip stick that doesn't come off on your baby - maybe a stain?

3. Any tips on favorite products to contour or bronzers


  1. - I've read that placing a business card behind your lashes when you apply mascara helps out.
    - My all-time favorite foundation is Too Faced Amazing Face mineral powder. It's awesome and buffs into your skin well.
    - I picked up some of the Smashbox primer for 50% off during Ulta's last 21 Days of Beauty. Sometimes they repeat deals so I'd keep an eye out:)
    - If you find a baby-proof lip product, please share.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

  2. I love the It Cosmetics Lip Vitality Lip Stain in Je Ne Sais Quois! It's definitely a splurge but it's so worth it! It's so moisturizing on my lips but stains them so I don't have to reapply throughout the day and doesn't come off when I'm smooching! haha :D

  3. I do lots of layers of mascara, too -- it's my favorite :) I don't live in the South but I have been REALLY impressed by how well Bare Minerals original foundation has held up in the heat here! I think it also helps with the oiliness since it's a powder foundation -- less liquid the better when it's so hot!


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