Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My July Goals

July is going to be packed full of fun and change at our house.
4th of July
settling in
graduation party

My goals are going to revolve around these events
to help keep me sane during this wacky month.

1. Coordinate the details of our move with Kevin's family who are coming down to AR to help us.  I did a little pre-move trip a few weeks ago and it was TOUGH to get much done with a ONE year old.  Know what I mean??  I'm hoping we can make this whole move as painLESS as possible for everyone involved.

2. Start packing boxes.  Do a few a day so as to make a dent in the big job ahead.  I'm going to have to play a real life game of Tetris in our small apartment to make room for boxes while leaving living space for us to exist in for the next 12 days.  Wish me luck.

3. Plan fun birthday activities for my husband's birthday palooza week.  Things like dinner with friends, Buttermilk cake, sparklers, lunch date picnic, gifts, favorite meals and packing :)

4. Unpack and settle into our new house.  Figure out grown up things like - trash collection, recycling day, house payments, forward our mail, get new insurance and other business items.  I'd love to have our main living spaces unpacked and then I'll work on decorating in August.

5. Pack as much fun as possible into our visit to Indiana - graduation party, see as many family and friends as possible, cousin time and hopefully meet a brand new baby girl!

6.  I'd like to spend as much time with our Arkansas friends as possible before we all move.

7. Get one last haircut from my favorite hair dresser before we move.

8. Make an effort to make wise food choices all month long.  No mindless eating while watching TV or snacking when I'm bored.  Drink lots of water and try to keep up with my busy one year old instead of watching her.

Looking forward to this month and going to try hard to find the balance between planning and being flexible enough to have some unexpected fun, to be loving and pleasant in stressful situations
and to really enjoy this time in our lives. 


  1. Sounds like you've got it all planned out. Good luck! I know you'll get it all done!

  2. You celebrate your grown husband's birthday for an entire week, even while you've got this other stuff going buying a house in and moving to another state? Too cute!

    1. Well technically we only do birthday things (cake, gifts, singing) on his birthday and then we just plan fun things throughout the week to make him feel special. It's fun for the whole family :)


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