Monday, July 7, 2014

One Year Old Portraits

Professional photo sessions are expensive.
It's easy to come up with a google search of local photographers
it's hard to find ones that
will come to you,
have experience shooting pics of kids,
are really flexible
will offer you the copyrights and a photo cd of pictures at the end.

Lucky for me, we met our great photographer when we were in line to meet Santa.  Her family was behind us in line and we hit it off right away.  I couldn't wait to book a session with her.

I had professional pictures done when Olive was a
at 3 months
 and then one year.

I took a ton of photos in between her 3 month and 12 month shoots so I'm very pleased with the decision to hold off on paying for pictures during those months.  I'm planning to have her pictures taken around her birthday every year.  Some years I may do professional photos and some years I may attempt to do them myself.  I just love the quality of the professional ones and love that I don't have to stress about getting good pictures.  I can just help plan outfits, get Olive's attention and let the professional do the tough stuff.

We scheduled a one hour session for late afternoon.  We live right along the Arkansas River so I wanted to have Olive's pictures taken there.  I had enough outfits and props for 5 outfit changes - I started with my favorite outfits in case we didn't make it through all of the them.  We ended up using 4 during our session.  I brought ice water and a snack for Olive.  The photographer also brought a blanket, chairs and other props so I think we made a great team.

We got our picture cd in the mail and there were SO MANY cute shots.  She became fast friends with Olive and captured her personality perfectly.  I'm going to have a hard time deciding on which ones to print.  My husband was skeptical about paying for portraits until he saw the finished product.  He said, "She was definitely worth whatever you paid her!"  Hooray for the glowing hubby endorsement!!

If you are in Little Rock,
definitely check out Amber Utnage Hall photography.
She's the best!!
She does all kind of photo shoots and takes the best pictures.  She's got multiple packages available and you get your cd of pictures in about 10 days.  Tell her I sent you  :)


  1. Aww! These are SO adorable! You lucked out finding a good photographer- and one that gave you a cd and rights to the pictures. That was one of my top requirements when I started looking for someone to do my maternity pictures!

  2. Very good pictures! Olive is very photogenic!


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