Thursday, July 10, 2014

Southern Living INSIDE To Do List

Now that you've seen the inside of our empty house,
let me tell you the projects we'd like to do:

1. Paint the master bedroom a neutral color
2. Paint Olive's bedroom a neutral color
3. Remove the wallpaper in Olive's bathroom & paint
4. Repaint our bathroom
5.New neutral carpet in upstairs and downstairs
6. Take down green kitchen wall paper
7. Paint kitchen
8. Put in a back splash in the kitchen
9. Change the door handles around on the fridge
10. Replace the overhead kitchen light
11. Paint the Dining room
12. paint the half bath downstairs
13. Install baby locks on all lower cabinets
14. Replace or super clean the front window that is a little foggy
15. Super clean carpet in the whole house
16. Caulk the woodwork in the whole house - we were lucky to find a home that has crown molding, baseboards and pretty woodwork throughout so it all needs to be cleaned & caulked
17. Make curtains for each room in the house
18. Mount TV above the fireplace
19. Update front door
20. Rug for kitchen
21. Entryway rug and coat hooks
22. Blinds on family room door out to patio
23. install hooks on each window for string from blinds
24. Paint shelf above washer & dryer in laundry room
25. Replace the laundry room ceiling light
26. Replace the broken master bathroom light cover
27. Add foam board and extra insulation around the heater and AC
28. Install baby gates at top and bottom of the stairs
29. Add extra spindles in the upstairs stair railing to make them baby friendly
30. Super clean all light fixtures and fans

My parents generously offered to come down and spend several days working on the house before we moved in.  Olive and I drove down to meet them at our house and we were BUSY for a week.  Tune back in because I'll be posting LOTS of DIYs that we tackled next week. 

I realize that my list is long and we'll probably never get to everything on this list. I'm okay with that.  I might just grow to love certain things or realize that they aren't a priority once we've actually lived in the house for a bit.


  1. You are making me tired just reading that list. That's great that you were offered some help. The thing about a house is that it is always a work in progress. I can't wait to see what y'all get done.

  2. LOVE your new place! I can't get over the green carpet in that half bath though, haha! Sooo nice that your parents will be able to come help out -- I bet that is a huge load off your shoulders! Can't wait to see what you do :)


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