Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sometimes I need a PUSH...

I've loved being home with Olive this year.
It has been wonderful to spend her first year together.

I enjoy hanging out at home and don't feel the need to get out and about every day.  I always look forward to errands and outings, but sometimes I need a PUSH to go outside of my comfort zone.  I'm a creature of habit, like routines and don't always seek out new opportunities.  It has been tricky to make new friends in Arkansas because I'm not working outside the home and so I'm not surrounded by possible friends.  I see people coming and going in my neighborhood, but haven't really befriended any of them.

Our best friends here are a couple that lives in our building.  Kevin works with David.  Anna and I get along really well and they both adore Olive.  We enjoy hanging out together and going out to eat.  It's a good set up for the evenings and weekends, but they all go to work during the day.

Kevin has another co-worker whose wife stays home with their little girl.  They suggested we get together during the day and shortly after I got an invitation to go to the local library for a baby music class.  It sounded like something Olive would love but I had to fight these thoughts...

Where is the library at?
What if everyone knows the routine and are friends and I'm left out?
What if Olive hates it?
What if she doesn't cooperate or is grumpy?
What if they want ME to participate 
and Olive is completely embarrassed because her mom has ZERO musical abilities??
What if I show up unprepared?
What if I don't have anything to talk about?

After battling this tornado of doubting questions, I decided I needed to give it a try ONCE and then reevaluate.  I didn't have to commit to doing it forever and we could easily back out if it didn't work out in the future.  So I texted her back and said YES, we'd join them.  We planned a meet up, discussed directions and were set.  My husband was really encouraging and thought we'd really enjoy it.
I woke up nervous.  I looked up directions the night before and planned my route.  I set my alarm, got up and got ready.  Then it started storming.  My plans could have easily been derailed, but I forced myself to GO.  No backing out now.  We loaded up, made it to the library 15 minutes early and went in.

We explored the whole place and it was wonderful!  The library was brand new, books everywhere and tons of room for Olive to explore.  She was shrieking with delight and greeting other families as we walked around.  We were both really happy to be there.

We walked into class and saw our friends.  They saved us a seat so we hurried up to them.  (Isn't it amazing how good it feels to be included and have people go out of their way to be nice to you??  Note to self: Do this more often!!)  We sat down and had lots to talk about right away.  Our girls (Olive + Olivia) enjoyed just looking at each other and it was time for class to start.  She filled me in on what to expect and I felt pretty prepared for class.

They had props, musical instruments, motions and tons of silly songs.  Olive LOVED everything.  She was clapping, wiggling to the moves and loved all of the baby instruments.  It was so fun to see her wave at other kids, move to the music and the teacher was great.  I knew many of the silly songs and I felt pretty comfortable in my role as a newish mom in a new class.  The class flew by and we were sad it was over.  They collected the instruments. and said see you next time.
I was genuinely excited to come back.

We talked after class and let the girls play.  Baby playing included trading toys and taking the toys that the other baby thought was interesting.  They loved the interaction and so did I.  It was really nice to talk to another mom.  We shared stories, talked about baby foods and made a plan to do this again.  It was a no brainer.  Olive and I both benefited from it and we were excited to add this to our weekly routine.

We've been to several music classes and story times since our first class.  It's amazing to see Olive be more and more social each time we go.  She LOVES the kids and the classes and I love watching her.  It's a win-win for both of us.

Thanks for the push, friend.
I needed it.

Is there anything you need a push to start doing??

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  1. Oh that looks like so much fun! I need to take Jack to our library. It is brand new and I haven't checked it out yet. I hate that we live all the way down in Monticello or we could do baby/mama stuff with y'all. I don't have any friends with kids near as young as Jack.


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