Thursday, July 3, 2014

Olive @ 12 months

Olive is busier than ever.  She's into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. and knows what she does and does not want.  She has developed quite an opinion and isn't afraid to make it known.  It's funny to see her push things away (unless it's me) and definitely developing preferences for certain things.

She keeps us on our toes and we have to watch her like a hawk.  We've learned that silence isn't golden when you are talking about a baby that is quietly occupying herself.  It likely means a cupboard is being emptied, a mess is being made and some mischief is ensuing.

We love our little "baby tornado".

Some favorite pictures from this moment in time:

 You find all utensils fascinating and always swipe them from us.
Then you stash them in the strangest places.
 You love shoes and we have to keep them put up because you just want to chew on the bottoms.  We try to tell you that this is disgusting, but you think it's hilarious.  You also like to eat your snacks standing up on the edge of the coffee table.

 Bath time is still one of your favorites.

 You want everyone to share with you
but you don't feel the same way when we want you to share.

You've started paying attention to cartoons.
 You have enviable posture and we find you resting your head on the couch when you start to get sleepy.  We start talking about a nap or going to bed and you immediately perk up.

 You have a black big toe nail because you pulled a dinner plate off the table and dropped it on your toe.  I'm sure it was really painful due to the crocodile tears that came pouring out of your eyes.
 You are starting to pick up on social cues.
For example, you clap when you see others clapping.

I lovingly call you MY SHADOW because you follow me everywhere.  You want to have eyes on me at all times and don't want to be left alone.  I hear I was the same way as a baby.

 We never put child locks on the cabinets since we are renting and you are very pleased about this. You love to open all the cabinets and pull things out.  You fling the doors open and start digging through.  Enjoy this for a few more weeks because our house will have child locks.

 You enjoy reading and all forms of paper.
You are quite the paper shredder.
If you find a tissue or a magazine, it'll be shredded in no time.
I should probably put this skill to good use and have you shred documents for me.

 You are a very social baby.
You love to be around people and interact when we are out.
You say hi and bye and wave at almost everyone.
It's fun to see you make new friends.
You attract lots of attention and people try hard to talk to you.

 You make this kissy face a lot
and these are pretty typical poses.

You moved up to a convertible car seat and you love having more room!!


  1. Ohhhh I wish I could meet little Olive! I just love hearing about her! :)

  2. Love this! It's so interesting to watch them as they discover new things and develop their personalities.

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget


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