Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Kevy!!

My hubby turns 33 today!!
He's my favorite
and these are my favorite pictures from Key West & Mexico in 2011.
We've been celebrating birthdays together since we were SIX 
so it's kind of neat to still be loving our celebrations 27 years later!!

My birthday wishes for Kevin's 33 year old self would be:
// To settle into his new job and LOVE working in a university setting again
// To enjoy being first time homeowners together
// To settle into life in Mississippi and make some new friends
// Get out and golf a little more than he has been able to do in grad school
// Plan a fun travel adventure for us
// Be happy, healthy & for 33 to be his best year yet!!


  1. I love all your pics! You two are such a cute couple! Happy Birthday, Kevin!

  2. Happy Birthday!!


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