Thursday, July 17, 2014

Carpet MIracle Workers

I've made it known that the green carpeting isn't my favorite thing ever but it's not in the budget to replace the flooring in the entire house right away.  So we've ordered some rugs and rented a super carpet shampooer in the hopes that we could work some miracles.

We paid for a 24 hour rental, bought the extra strength cleaner and the special pretreating spray in the hopes that it would make a dent in the dirt.  It cost about $60.

BEFORE of the Dining Room:
Yuck x10
 My parents brought down their Dyson and vacuumed really well before shampooing.  Then sprayed pretreating spray and went over the carpet multiple times.  The instructions say to keep going over it until the water in the tank is clear.  It was probably 6 or 7 times before it was clear!

What a difference!!
It looks, smells and feels SO much better.

BEFORE of The Family Room:
Definitely lots of high traffic area markings
A million times better!!

 The carpet in the bedrooms was much cleaner
but it still benefited from a deep shampooing :)


  1. What a huge difference! I'll remember this....! (p.s. I really want a Dyson!)

  2. It's crazy how much one good carpet cleaning can do for a room. Definitely an improvement, even if it's still green.

  3. You've motivated me to rent one of the steam cleaners from my local living room carpet is seriously gross, but I've been holding out on steam cleaning it because I had a young daughter. Now she's 6, and if I can get my carpet to look as different as yours does, it's worth a try!

  4. My sister has a small carpet cleaner that I borrow sometimes.. My carpet is looking a little run down now and I totally need to borrow it. Yours looks amazing!


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