Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Southern Living Outside To Do List

Now that you've seen the outside of our new home,
let me share with you our to do list of things we'd like to make happen:

1. Trim the tree in the front yard
2. Use some type of shelving or outdoor hooks to organize the garage space
3. Rugs at all the doors
4. Patio Furniture
5. Kid seating
6. Install a swing for Olive
7. hummingbird feeder
8. Squirrel feeder
9. Bird feeder
10. Potted plants on the patio
(succulents, blooming plants, greenery)
11. Table or two
12. Buy a lawn mower
13. Get basic gardening tools
14. Gather all leftover flower pots in one spot
15. Childproof anything dangerous for Olive
16. Plant some herbs
17. Plant some colorful flowers
18. Have Anne over to tell me about caring for the plants that are already there
19. Grill
20. outdoor rug for covered patio
21. Bonfire area for Fall
22. outdoor lighting - lanterns or fun patio lights
23. Get Olive more outdoor toys
24. Designate a spot for strollers and bikes in the garage


  1. Moving is such a pain but I love how fun it is planning for something new. The excitement of imagining how great it all could be and your new life is so much fun. I always enjoy a new location. I need to get some of my excitement back for this house and finish some of those projects I wanted to do when I first moved in.

  2. You will have to make these with Olive when she's older. Amelia loves them and it's fun to watch the birds and squirrels eat them. http://www.fromashleytoawesome.com/2013/09/diy-bird-seed-feeders.html


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