Thursday, July 10, 2014

Southern Living INSIDE

I gave you a little outside tour of our new house earlier in the week so now it's time to see the INSIDE!
House facts:
1300 sq feet
9 ft ceilings throughout
2 bedrooms
3.5 baths
dining room
family room
custom kitchen & cabinets throughout
and lots of closets

You'll quickly notice that the previous home owner loved GREEN.  Green also happens to be my favorite color, but it may be a little too much even for me... haha

Dining Room

Family Room

 Pass through window to the kitchen

 Half Bath

 Kitchen - 
custom cabinets with a slightly green tint 
& green wall paper

 Laundry Room -
the previous owner had originally planned to take the fridge, washer and dryer when she moved.  Then, at closing she changed her mind and said she'd leave them for us if we wanted them.  Such a big blessing to us!!  We said YES and THANK YOU for this VERY unexpected, generous gift.  We'd been budgeting to have to buy these appliances and were so thrilled to not have to spend this money up front.

 These linoleum tiles are throughout the entryway, kitchen and laundry areas.

Closet under the stairs and entryway

 Master bedroom with built ins and three closets.

 Master Bathroom

 Linen closet

 Olive's bedroom & closet

 Olive's bathroom

Check back this afternoon for our project wish list for the INSIDE of our house.


  1. Super cute! And yes that is a little too much green for a green lover like me! Haha! I can't wait to see what y'all put together! :)

  2. Whitney!! I LOOVE your new house! How nice that the doors and woodwork are already a nice bright white. And crown molding! Wow! Such big, bright windows - love that. It really is like a blank slate just waiting for your magical touch! You'll have to email me a pic of the outside again - I can't quite remember what the front looked like. It's an awesome house - I'll bet you're aching to get in there and settle in!

    We are getting ready to present our seller with our list of what needs to be fixed in order for us to continue. {{Praying}} I think it's a similar situation to yours - original owner (although they didn't build it) a widow in her 80s - lots of teal carpet! ;-) And wait until you see the kitchen wallpaper! It is definitely going to be a labor of love to make it feel like *our* home, but we are in this one for the long haul, so I need to remind myself it's ok to work slowly.

    Enjoy your last week in Arkansas! :)

  3. Looks like a lovely first home....And I know you will make it a warm, inviting home for your little family..Thanks for the pist so wr can see it....Gram A.


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