Monday, July 14, 2014

Dear Arkansas

Dear Arkansas,
It is difficult to really bond with a city in just 12 short months.  We made efforts to get to know the place, try lots of new restaurants and see the sights.  We traveled all around the state, but weren't able to get everything crossed off our to do list.  It's been a good year together.  We've enjoyed many things about you, but it's time to say goodbye.  We are moving further South and are excited about our next adventure in Mississippi.  We have had our ups (yummy restaurants and making new friends) and our downs (ice, storms, tiny apartment).  We are thankful for the opportunities and experiences we've had here.

Some things we will always remember about you:
1. There's lots of BBQ here
2. Your downtown Farmer's Market never disappoints
3. Everything seems to be 20 minutes away
4. It's humid... like very humid.
My skin has appreciated the moisture and my hair is prone to frizz.
5. The crepe myrtles are beautiful and line many streets.
6. The city is far hillier than I would have ever guessed.
7. People are crazy for SEC football - Go Hogs!
8. Winter is rough.
Not much snow and ice is the worst.
The city shuts down if either happen.
9. It's fun to live along the Arkansas River.
10. Monogram anything and everything.
11. Take storms seriously and have flashlights, batteries and water ready just in case.
12. Your presidential and Children's libraries were very nice.

Love, Whitney


  1. I can't wait to follow along on your journey to Mississippi! :D I'd say you did a fantastic job of getting to know your home in Arkansas!

  2. I know you and Kev and Olive will settle in and be Mississippians in no time. Love reading your blogs Whitney......Gram


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