Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Favorite Room in Our House

Olive's bedroom is my favorite room in our house.
It's the happiest room and we love hanging out in there.

Let me give you a little tour of my favorite space

I loved collecting things for Olive's nursery and now toddler room.  This is her second room and it's even better than her first.  Her walls were originally mauve and the carpet is a lovely sage green.  We changed the paint color before moving in and will eventually change out the carpet too.  I've looked for a rug, but have decided to wait to purchase the rug until we redo her room for her big girl bed.

This dresser was in my nursery when I was a baby so it's neat that Olive can use it now.  The pink car squeaker toy was also my toy that my mom saved.

 Olive loves hanging out in her little book nook.
I made her chalkboard from an old picture, the book shelf is a vintage display shelf for bread and her polka-dotty chair came from Wal-Mart!  She also loves snuggling in the blankets her great grandmothers made her.

Bright colors and lots of cheer.

 We decided to skip the traditional changing table and use this dresser as a changing table.  Now Olive is far too wiggly for any changing table and we just change her on the floor.  These three tiered baskets have been all over our house - kitchen, desk and now Olive's room holding her accessories.

I hang her dresses in her closet and have her clothes organized by size in her drawers.  PJs in the top, currently wearing clothes in the 2nd, and clothes to grow into in the bottom two.

My sister made this fun bunting for my baby shower for Olive.  It matched her bedding perfectly so it was a no brainer to use it in the nursery.
 This tiny Olive bunting was also made by my sister 
and we hung it on her bassinet in the hospital.
3 month old Olive wearing the same vintage dress that's hanging on her wall.  
It was a darling gift from my friend Jacque.

 I'm going to get a canvas from her one year pictures to hang behind her rocker.

Olives' bathroom came with some wild wall paper 
and we are just embracing it was ruffles and vintage floral prints.
 I love her shower curtain!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Olive's room.
What you're favorite room in your house?

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  1. Loving all the bright colors! And also loving the idea of using a tiered dessert holder for bows and such - SO cute!:)

  2. That would be my favorite room too! It's adorable! You've done such a good job!!

  3. You did a great job of creating a room that will grow with her. Love the colors in there! My favorite room is my living room - also in turquoise and red. :)

  4. I love her room too! Those bright colors are perfect! If I were you I would want to hang in there all the time too. My favorite is the vintage dress as decor and that comfy reading nook.

  5. Adorable!! I love the monogram and all the bright colors!!
    She's one lucky little lady!!

  6. I remember when you posted her nursery for the first time. It's still just as cute!

  7. Beautiful!!! The pompom cluster is perfection. Theres just something so special about little girl rooms!

  8. Her bedroom is so cute! Perfect room for a little girl. I also adore the color scheme.
    - Erin (No Bohns About It)

  9. It is such a happy and colorful room! I love it too!

  10. It's so pretty and bright! I love all the fluffs hanging from the ceiling, and girlfriend has her own bathroom? She is set up, you've done an amazing job!

  11. Super cute!!! I love her shower curtain too! It's the same idea I have for a future bathroom. Where did you get it at?


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