Friday, March 6, 2015

The Highlights

This was the weirdest week.  We had perfect days, rainy days, icy days and everything in between.  When the sun was out, so were we.  We went for long walks, played in the backyard and just enjoyed the sunshine.
I've decided that winter in the South is a mixed bag :)

The best parts of our week...

1. I try to pick up a fun souvenir whenever we travel.  I usually opt for a fun piece of jewelry or some home decor that will remind me of the place we visited.  On our trip to Oxford, MS last weekend, I found this darling stack of bracelets that I just had to have.  I have been working on collecting a few gold bracelets to wear together and I knew they would complete my set.  I love that they match everything, the wrapped wire look and I love the gold.  What kinds of things do you buy for yourself on trips?

2. I have really enjoyed decorating for St. Patrick's Day and planning fun things for the month.  It felt like Spring a few days this week so it made me happy to see a bright yellow wreath on our door!  I even used some leftover scrapbook paper to make some fun gold buntings for around the house.

3.  I made my mom's Butterfinger cookies to share with my MOPS group today and they were SO good.  I'll have to share the recipe with y'all next week.

4. The daffodils are blooming in my backyard.  My MIL and I planted them last fall and hoped they'd bloom in the Spring.  This is my first year to ever attempt any gardening or planting so these blooms make me excited to do some more planting in our yard.  I'm hoping to plant some flowers and herbs this Spring.

5.  I want to celebrate that we ate salads every day this week and we had healthier dinners than usual.  I shared my lettuce wrap recipe earlier this week.  I also hit my personal best Fitbit mark 14.778 steps this week!!  I can pretty easily do 8,000 steps a day so it was fun to work hard and challenge myself to get moving.  I am loving my Fitbit and find that it's really motivating me to get moving.  Any other Fitbit fans out there??  

 Any big plans for your weekend??
Hope you have a great one!! 
Thanks for stopping by my blog. 


  1. Those lettuce wraps look yummers and it is so nice to see some flowers blooming. We live in Northwest Iowa and it is nothing but snow here. Although...warmer temps today and all of next week. Here's hoping in melts away fast. LOL!

  2. Those lettuce wraps looks amazing! Such a good idea for an alternative to a salad for dinner (we eat a lot of salad!). I love my Fitbit. It definitely keeps me motivated to stay moving during the day!

  3. So much goodness in one little post! I can't pick a favorite...the bracelets, the salads, the cookies....everything looks amazing!

  4. Love the bracelets you bought in Mississippi! And those are SO in style right now, too!

  5. We have been eating salads for dinner more often as well lately. Those lettuce wraps look amazing. Have a great weekend

  6. Love all your cute decor and the lettuce wraps look so yummy!!Happy Friday

  7. I love that yellow wreath! And those cookies look bomb!

  8. Those bracelets are SO cute. I'm looking forward to that butterfinger cookie recipe.

  9. I'm so jealous you have daffodils blooming!! I'm so tired of this winter weather.. ugh! Love those bracelets and your foods pics have made me hungry now! Happy weekend!

  10. Love your bracelets! And, I'm so jealous of your daffodils!

  11. Those Butterfinger cookies look AMAZING!

  12. Stopping by from the linkup. The shamrocks paintings are so cute! Enjoy your weekend!

  13. The lettuce wraps look soooo goood! Totally pinning that one :) I am a fan of my fitbit but I have not been very good with following up with myself. I still wear it everyday though :)


  14. LOVE the bracelets and all your St. Patty's Day decorations! I'm jealous your daffodils are blooming, I think it's still too cold here!

  15. That bracelet stack is gorgeous. I always buy an ornament when we go on a trip. And your decorations look awesome (as always).

    Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!

  16. Love the bracelets! Jealous your daffodils are blooming already, we sadly still have some snow on the ground. Hopefully ours will be coming out soon, too.

    Thanks for linking up!


  17. I totally want to get a FITbit! Way to go on increasing your activity and steps!! Wahoo! And also thanks for sharing your recipe on the lettuce wrap. I am going to try it! Great job in eating healthier!


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