Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Best of Savannah

I thought I'd share our favorites from Savannah with you:

Best chocolates:
Savannah's Chocolate Company
They had TONS of different chocolates and candies.  They make homemade pralines and give out samples to all of their visitors.  The shop smells like heaven and their chocolates are so tasty.

Best patio dining:
Olive enjoyed some alfresca dining at the
Cafe at City Market
Their salad was tasty and they serve several desserts
We enjoyed listening to the live music from the City Market while we ate our dinner on the patio.

Best nicer restaurant:
The Olde Pink House
You must make reservations, it's a little pricey and it is usually easier to get in for lunch than dinner.

Great pizza:
Kevin found a groupon for West Wing Pizza Company
it was perfect for a good, quick dinner

Great Frozen Yogurt:
A cute little shop on Broughton Street

Great hotel:
We saved up some credit card rewards to use for our hotel stay so our hotel was nearly free which is always great for traveling!
Best Western downtown
the rooms were cute, clean and really comfy beds
it was the perfect set up for a pack-n-play and everyone slept well
they offer free breakfast
and are walking distance to anything you'd want to do

I always hope I'll run into Paula Deen while I'm in Savannah, but I've never gotten to eat at her restaurant.  Maybe one day...


  1. I love Savannah Candy Kitchen if only because I love candy. And if y'all go back, I recommend the Pirate House. It's another great buffet place, and they have amazing fried okra.

  2. i'll take the chocolate store and frozen yogurt please!!!

  3. I'm not sure if they still do, but there use to be a Paula Dean restaurant (buffet style) in Tunica Mississippi.


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