Monday, March 23, 2015

My Parents Came to Visit!!

Kevin had a big conference to go to in DC last week and he had to be gone for five days.  I mentioned this to my parents weeks ago and said they were welcome to come down for a visit to keep us company while he was gone (hint hint).  Turns out that worked for their schedules and they headed down in the pouring rain to see us.  Kevin's flight got delayed and they sent him home to fly out early the next morning.  It seemed like a hassle at first, but this allowed him to get to visit with my parents so it turned out for the best.

This was my parent's third visit to Mississippi.  But, it was the FIRST time that Olive recognized them right away, called them both by name, tried hard to talk to them all weekend long, wanted them to play with her, followed them around and was definitely sad when we told her it was time to say goodbye.  It was really sweet to see them together.

My parents worked hard the whole time they were here helping with projects around the house, helping with Olive and doing things close to home.  I'll do a post or two on all the DIY projects my Dad got done and show you a few of the fun things we shopped for sometime soon.  My Dad is so handy and I'm impressed with all of the projects he knocked out in just a few days.

We shopped at all our favorite places, ate at our favorite restaurants, 
went to church and just enjoyed being together.
Here's the proof:

They arrived late and night so Olive got to wake up to the surprise that her Mimi and Papaw were at her house!  They also came with a stroller for her baby dolls.  She was THRILLED.  We found baby bottles for her so she was thrilled x2 with all her new baby stuff.

Matchy-Matchy with their animal print and accessories.

My parents have loved antiques and old things for my whole life - long before it was trendy to buy vintage things.  My dad spotted an antique store and we stopped in for a visit.  Why walk when Papaw will carry you??

 My dad pushed Olive around Target like this and she thought it was the neatest thing ever.  She also started calling for Mimi and Mama if we ever left her sight.

We pigged out on Mexican.

 We went to church together.

 Olive also got away with stuff because grandparents like to say YES -
sure you can have a rice krispie treat before you eat your lunch :)

 Olive loves to read so Mimi & Papaw did lots of that.
Mimi (Nancy) enjoyed reading some Fancy Nancy.

Our last breakfast together was an emotional roller coaster :)
 We said our goodbyes at a restaurant after breakfast and Olive just hung her head.  She spent the rest of the day asking for Mimi and Papaw.  She expected to find them back at our house, in the bedroom they stayed in and kept looking for them.  It was so sad because I could tell that she was really missing them and bummed to be stuck with just me :)

We had a wonderful visit and I'm anxious to plan our next trip to see them!  Olive isn't the best facetimer just yet, but we try to do it several times a week so she can see my parents.  It's cute and I think she'll love to do it more and more as she gets older.


  1. Oh Whitney, this is so sweet! Such fun to read. Olive just gets more and more precious!

  2. Looks like you had a great time with your parents! I know how wonderful it is to have company when your hubby is out of town, and I'm so glad it was such a fun time for Olive too. Your mom is so cute and stylish!

  3. I so love time with my parents; sometimes it's nice to have that special time alone with them! So adorable that Olive was so aware of them this time!

  4. Awwh that sounds like a fun time for all. I always loved it when my parents came up to see me when I was in school.

  5. Aww thanks for sharing this visit with your parents! Looks like everyone had a great time. You and your mom look like twins! Beautiful ladies :-)


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