Monday, March 16, 2015

Rainbows of Love

We sent rainbows of love to our family this year for St. Patrick's Day.
We had a blast making them and it was a total team effort.

We started out by having Olive paint some water color rainbows.
She loved it and thought it was fun to paint her mouth with water.

 What do you mean paint brushes aren't for mouths?
 You're hilarious, mama!
 Painting is so much fun!!
 My pint sized Picasso.
 Whoops!  I painted a rainbow on the coffee table.
 All of her rainbows dried completely.
And Olive had a complete meltdown when we put the paints away :)

 I gathered the following supplies to finish our project.
Oversized crayons for Olive's rainbow art work on the envelopes
shamrock note cards that were a gift from a friend
oval paper punch
glue sticks
wallet sized photos of Olive
I used a template to cut rainbows out of Olive's water color paintings
and gold polka-dotted scrapbook paper for clouds

 I LOVED how our cards turned out this year :)


  1. Whitney, those are just absolutely cool!!

  2. Super cute and it is so great that you involved Olive! I'm sure family and friends were so excited to get that cuteness in the mail.

  3. Those are adorable!!

  4. I love these!!! I wish I had your creativity!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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