Monday, March 16, 2015

Feels Like Home to Me

My parents are heading home today and it makes me sad!
We had a great weekend together and it always goes by too quickly.

I started thinking of the things that remind me of HOME.
My mom has always loved feeding the birds and my dad made a hobby of making bird houses and squirrel feeders.  So now that I have a backyard of my own,
it reminds me of HOME.

Especially when the cardinals decide to come by for a visit.
Cardinals = Indiana's state bird :)
This cardinal couple frequents our backyard.

 The squirrels are very chatty and make lots of noise jumping from tree to tree.
They are also good at sharing.

 Things are starting to green up and there are lots of blooms ready to pop.

Olive enjoys watching the birds and so do our cats.

The neighborhood cats appreciate me feeding the birds, too.
I appreciate them watching and not eating the birds.

So what reminds you of HOME?


  1. I love these pictures! My mom is a huge fan of feeding the birds. Your backyard is beautiful and looks very cozy. I'm so ready for Spring!

  2. Haha well call me crazy but the smell of turkey poop and anhydrous. My dad uses it in his fields and it's just a smell that I link home to. When I could come home from school and start smelling it, I knew I was almost home.

  3. Funny enough, the smell of manure is extremely comforting. My mom's best friend lives on a farm that I spent a lot of time on as a kid, and I went to college on a farm. When you're driving to Blacksburg, you know you're close when you can smell the cows.


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