Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Road Trip to Savannah, GA

Kevin's conference schedule is pretty full this Spring.  We are thankful for all of the opportunities and we really excited when we realized Olive and I could tag along to Savannah with him.  We'd been to Savannah about 8 years ago for one day and loved the city.  We'd always hoped to get to come back.  On our first trip, we ate at the Olde Pink House, took a Ghost walk tour and would highly recommend those activities again.  We knew our trip was going to be a lot of fun.  Olive had never been there so we were excited to take her.

We left after work last Wednesday and drove 6ish hours to end up south of Atlanta.  We opted to break up the 10 hour drive and it worked out well.  We arrived in Savannah around lunch time on Thursday.  We ate, napped/Kevin checked into his conference and headed out to explore a bit.

As always for road trips, I sat in the back with Olive and kept her entertained.  We kept our stops to a minimum and had a great drive.

 Day 1: was rainy off and on, but that didn't stop us from exploring.
I just love all the town squares and the flowers were blooming!
Olive splashed in the puddles and learned to say puddle on this trip.

The churches were lovely and we enjoyed hearing their bells.

 Day 2: Kevin was busy with his conference all day so the girls were on their own.  We had made plans in advance to meet up with a teacher friend of mine who now lived near Savannah.  Her and her husband came in town and we spent the morning together.  She picked up a basketball for Olive since the NCAA tournament was going on and she's a huge Duke fan.  Olive loved it.

Savannah is SO walkable.  You can see the entire downtown on foot without any trouble.  There are tons of sidewalks and it's really stroller friends.  Some of the shops are tricky to get in and out of with a stroller, but overall it's great.

Our favorite place was Forsyth Park.
It was BEAUTIFUL!!  So much green space and the flowers were lovely.  They even have a large playground and grassy fields to play in.  There are park benches everywhere, a fountain in the middle and it's one of the pretties little parks I've been to.
 The trees and Spanish moss were so pretty
and there was TONS of room so you felt like you had the place to yourself.

We took a break and stopped for a photo opp.
Olive was mad that we made her stop running around for a picture.

 So many squares to explore and such charming homes everywhere you looked.

 We went from one end of the city to the other.
The riverfront was charming with tons of fun shops and restaurants.
We enjoyed watching the boats go by.
 The Spring is a beautiful time to visit Savannah!
It was about 70 degrees and flowers everywhere.
There are also a ton of horse draw carriages and Olive loved seeing the horses.

 I picked up some chocolate's - sea salt caramels and a gopher, a few Christmas ornaments and a set of plates to remember our trip by.  Savannah is such a charming city!  I hope you can visit one day.

 We made several pit stops on the way home and Olive was eager to find the flowers at each one.  Spring is a great time to travel in the South!!

Have you ever been to Savannah?
What was your favorite thing to do or to see??


  1. Oh, Savannah is just gorgeous. My grandparents used to live there, and I miss being able to visit them in such a pretty setting. Looks like you guys had a great trip! You guys literally drove right by us to get down there:)

    As a side note, is your husband the medical field? I think you know that my husband is, and conference season for him is definitely coming up. He only has to attend one out in California, and not until November, but lots of the doctors in his program will be gone for several conferences over the next couple of months!

  2. Savannah is such a great city. Glad y'all enjoyed it!

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  4. I have never been to Savannah but would love to go. I've never known much about it but I can see from your pictures that it is beautiful. It looks so homey and lovely. You can really tell you guys had a great time!


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