Friday, March 6, 2015

Olive @ 20 Months

Olive's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching!  
We are really enjoying her new skills and new words.  It is amazing how much she changes every day.  Even her teachers have noticed how much she's talking and how grown up she seems all of the sudden.  She keeps us on our toes and we are always surprised at the new things she's able to do.

egg, cheese, apple, b-nana, cacker and nummy for anything that looks good
Da Bon Bon = her bunny or bun bun
Here you go
Welcome - anytime she hands us something
tank you
tuck = stuck
okay - anytime she falls, she pops up and says okay
dar dar = diaper
wuggles = snuggles
Nigh Nigh.  Seep Tight 
she also tries to chime in with Taylor Swift's new cd
and she is trying very hard to repeat every words she hears


Olive is eager to help.  She wants to carry things to and from the dinner table and gets mad if we try to do it for her.  She wants to carry as many items as possible at one time.

She is growing like crazy and is now tall enough to reach things on the edge of the counter and open the drawers to get things out.  It's made me reassess our child safety situation and move all sharp things to the very back of the drawers.

She has just started reacting to music she hears and says "oh no!" if it sounds scary.

She knocks on our neighbor's doors and tried to say their name.  Maybelle is her favorite so she expects her to be home anytime we go out front.  She yells "mmmmmmmmmmmmBellleee"

Olive is obsessed with our cats - Oliver & Topher.  She wants to follow them around, pet them, lay on them, catch them, twiddle their whiskers and love on them.  They tolerate her and are generally pretty sweet to her.

Letters she can correctly name: O, W, C and she calls all letters W

She folds her hands when we pray and sounds Amen at the end.

Did you and Mom have fun today? asked Kevin when he got home from work.
SO FUN! was Olive's reply :)

She is starting to recognize landmarks like church.  We pull in the parking lot and she yells FUN!  She also learned her teacher's name.  Her name is Ms. June and Olive spends a lot of time asking for June during the week.  She's the sweetest lady and Olive adores her.

Olive shrugs her shoulders when we ask her questions or to do something she isn't sure about.

She says pee pee anytime we are in the bathroom and when she sits on her potty.

She calls every kids a baby and loves to point them out.  She's had bigger kids say I'm not a baby.  You're the baby and she just laughs.


Olive -- You sure do make us smile!!


  1. Her expression at the rain is the best, haha.

  2. Ah, she's so cute! And like the commenter above me, the rain picture is my favorite.

  3. So adorable! How's her hand doing? I had her on my mind and was wondering. Kane does "oh no" too, and sometimes he puts his hands up to his head when he does it. It's hilarious.

  4. So many changes! I love the mimicking phase. It's such fun to hear them try to say various words they've overheard. And still love that picture of her in the bucket. Her expression is hilarious! What a cutie :)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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