Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DIY Gold Bunting

I decided my St. Patrick's Day decor needed one more thing to complete the look.  I had some leftover gold scrapbook paper from Olive's 1st birthday party and I knew it would be perfect for a small bunting.  It's one of my favorite buntings I've ever made.  It was cheap to make and so simple to put together and used just a few supplies.  I made them all really quickly as I was getting caught up on my DVR shows one night.  Anyone else watching Southern Charm reruns?  I'm excited for the new season starting next week :)

I bought four 12x12 pieces of scrapbook paper in three different varieties, green twine and tape for this project.  It was also really handy to cut the paper with my paper cutter instead of doing it all by hand.  I cut rectangles and squares in a variety of widths and lengths to add interest.

Cut the twine ahead of time for the space you are planning to hang it.
Fold it in half to find the middle and start taping on paper flags.
I did a pattern of papers on some and random on others.
I ended up doing 4 different buntings with the paper I had - mantle, entryway, kitchen and door.  
I taped the twine down really well so I'm hoping I'll be able to save this bunting to use again next year.  I started using washi tape, but it took to long and I switched to Scotch tape.



  1. I love your decorations! I don't like most St Patrick's decorations. First of all it's my Birthday and second we have a strong family tie to St Patrick. So drunken leprechauns and "Get your drunk on and be randy" type decor is not for me. And the use of orange in those decorations is inappropriate. Orange is a representative of the English conquest of Ireland.

    I am going to make the green lucky banner for my fireplace. Where did you get the other decorations?

  2. I have lots of leftover scrap paper. I could make a cute Spring bunting with it. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. I LOVE this idea...I am obsessed with St. Patrick's Day and love all things green and gold! Also...I am super excited for Southern Charm to start back up!!!

  4. The bunting looks so cute. I love your DIY decorating projects!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  5. I love these! I love how festive you are for all holidays!

  6. So cute, love the gold polka dots! :)


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