Thursday, March 12, 2015

FREE Things to Do with Your Kids

I've noticed that Olive's favorite things are often FREE things that require little effort on our part to make happen.  She loves to have fun and here are our favorites:

1. Stop by a playground - we have yet to find our favorite, but always enjoy scoping out new ones.  I'm thinking as it gets hotter, the ones with the most shade will be our favorites.

2. Go to your local pet store and do some animal watching.  Our Petsmart has a doggy day camp program and they always have at least 20 dogs there.  They have a huge glass window and Olive could stay there for hours.  The dogs come over to check her out, bark at her and she thinks it's hilarious.  I love seeing all the dogs and their little personalities.
The fish, birds and hamsters are also favorites.

3. Go for a walk around your neighborhood.  Olive enjoys visiting with neighbors, spotting cats and just being along for a stroller ride.

4. Go to the library.  It's been a little while since we went to story time or checked out books, but Olive always enjoys going.

5. Stroll through the produce section and practice learning the names of fruits and veggies.  Olive can name apples, strawberries, bananas and has fun trying to say the rest.  She will help me pick the perfect cantaloupe by smelling it and usually makes a new friend or two in the process.

6. Visit your husband at work / bring him lunch
This is always a highlight for Olive and I can make a picnic lunch at home to share with him.  We don't stay long, but always have a good time.  

7. I am working at becoming an expert on where kids eat free.  Olive is getting old enough where we are starting to order things for her at restaurants.  We often share meals or I order her a side of something and share my meal with her, but I love when Olive's meal is free!!
Kid's Eat Free:
Dickey's BBQ - Sundays
Ihop - Tuesdays after 4pm
McAllisters - Sundays
Primos - Tuesdays

8. Find out the times your local Sams/Costco serve samples and shop during that time.  Most will give samples to kids if they are with an adult.  Olive likes checking out the flowers and holding the receipts.  We always stroll through the book aisle and the toy aisle.

What fun, FREE things do you do with your kids?


  1. Love these ideas! You are so right. The simple things are absolutely the ones they love the most.

  2. I love these ideas! Especially the pet store! We need to use more of them. With me being at work, we don't do a lot during the day, but I've heard ikea can be a lot of fun for them. Also, our barnes and noble has a great kids section with a train and some toys and books.

  3. Y'all look like you're always having so much fun! Love all the ideas, especially going to see all the dogs!


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