Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Interesting Pins

I've been on Pinterest a lot lately.  It seem like my interest kind of comes and goes with it and right now there are LOTS of great things for Spring, holidays and summer.  

Let me show you a little sampling of what I've been pinning:

I love this floral chair.
I'd love to own a pair of them, but don't have thousands to spend.
So I'll keep hunting thrift shops and hopefully some yard sales
for something similar for my living and family room.

I'd really like to have these garden markers for my herb garden.
I think I could DIY something very similar.

I can't wait to try this updo - it'll come in handy when it gets HOT this summer!

I love this cupcake wrapper garland
and might just have to make my own for Spring
via etsy

I've never tried making overnight oats,
but I think I'd love the convenience and taste of them.

I can't wait to try this
Fajita Chicken Pasta for dinner one night
via myrecipes

So what have you been pinning lately??


  1. That floral chair! So beautiful! I want it!

  2. If you cook that last dish let me know how it turns out. I have some cute cupcake liners that would be perfect for that garland project. I use to have an herb garden and loved it.

  3. I'm addicted to pinterest myself! I have looked at some spring stuff, but my main focus has been house designs. The boyfriend may or may not be building a new one of course I have to make it cute. :)

  4. I LOVE the cupcake garland!!! Need to pin that myself. So sweet. And easy. And you could absolutely DIY those garden markers. They would look great!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  5. Yum to that recipe and HOW cute is that cupcake garland? Plus I'd take that chair too. Looks like a great place to read a book.

  6. Love that chair and the garland. And the updo actually. I'm in a wedding in May and the bridesmaid dress just needs an updo. I didn't think about doing it myself, I just figured I'd have to pay someone. Overnight oats are great, I have a few pinned that I have loved.

  7. Oh you could so DIY those garden markers, they are so cute! And that up-do is gorgeous!


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