Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Can't Live Without... the HOLIDAYS!!

I can't live without the HOLIDAYS!!  I grew up in a house where we celebrated and decorated for nearly every holiday.  The house was always so festive and we ate holiday treats.  I knew I wanted to continue that tradition with my own family one day.

Easter is the next holiday and I have been having so much fun getting ready for it.  We decorated our house for Easter yesterday.  Sure, it's easier to do the decorating during nap time or late in the evenings, but Olive loved helping me decorate.  She counted the eggs and pointed out all of the bunnies.  She was so excited.

I have almost finished shopping for Olive's toddler Easter basket.
I picked up everything at The Dollar Tree, Amazon, Target or TJ Maxx.
I didn't spend a lot, but made sure to pick out things that she'll love.
That's the most important part - right???

I also make sure to toddler proof and kitty proof my decorations.  That means that breakable things are up on shelves and out of reach and there are fun non-breakable decorations that Olive knows she can play with.  Currently, she's got an Easter basket full of rubber duckies, eggs and Easter M&M people that she knows is hers.  The cats try to chew on any plants and artificial flowers.  So those are up on the mantle and up high which keeps them from eating non-food items.  Works well for everyone.

I don't have a ton of decorations for each holiday, but I've got a solid collection.  I stock up on clearance decorations after the season and rarely pay full price for decor.  I always put a seasonal wreath on our door and holiday decorations inside.  We also make several different holiday treats throughout the season and share with friends.  I've got some fun Easter crafts and art projects planned for the near future.

We have a great time with every holiday!!

Do you decorate for the holidays??

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  1. I have a post coming up on Monday and this one of yours is slapping me in the face LOL! Its ok! You rock mama! I love the decorating and Easter holiday the most.

  2. I grew up in a very seasonally decorated house, too. I always loved seeing new (and familiar) things come out during the year. Target has the cutest little things for easter baskets, love what you put together for Olive!

  3. I like this! I would like to do this when I have kids! I think it's so great for kids to get to have the decorations up and do fun stuff for holidays because I know I always loved it. :)

  4. I love Easter decor! I need a new spring/easter wreath this year. I definitely decorate for all the holidays because I can't get enough! Aria has a basket full of plastic eggs she plays with.

  5. I just love how you decorate for all the different holidays! I snagged some of those Easter plates at Target too. Weren't they so cute?

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  6. I love the holidays. All of them! & they're even more fun & special now that I have a little one to celebrate with. I think I've mostly filled my daughters Easter basket from Target & I think I'm more excited to see her face when she gets it than she will be when she tears in to everything!

  7. Decorating for the holidays is the best! I think it's great that you decorating the house with Olive so she could help. Looks like she'll be getting lots of goodies in her Easter basket, great job girl!

  8. I was just mentioning this. I love that you decorate for each holiday. I remember being so jealous of the kids whose moms decorated for each holiday. We still mostly do Christmas - but I want to up my stash!


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