Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A Mushroom Themed 10th Birthday

Olive had her heart set on a mushroom themed birthday party and we made it happen!  It's the perfect time of year to find all these cute red and white polka-dot mushrooms in stores with fairy garden supplies.  I've been collecting things at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Amazon and more.  Olive was thrilled with her party.  She had the best time designing invitations with me to text out to family and the weather couldn't have been more perfect for her parties.  We hosted my family the first night and Kevin's family the second night.

Come see all of our mushroom fun!

I love grabbing fresh flowers for her parties and this mix of Alstroemeria was perfect!

We worked together on Canva to make her party invitations.  They turned out so cute!  And they were free to make and text out.

Welcome to the mushroom party!  I added some mushrooms to my boxwood wreath.  And our house colors just happened to match the party decor perfectly.

Then I added in mushrooms to all my regular decor.  Since her bedroom has a mushroom theme, the party decorations will end up being cute things like book ends in her bedroom.

I made the mushroom garland out of mushroom pot holders and it was darling!  It's still up on our mantle because I just can't bring myself to take it down yet.

We had a tray of s'mores ingredients for dessert plus my mom and sister brought Olive's favorite desserts - fried ice cream and molasses cookies.

We gave out big bags of bubble gum balls to all the kids as party favors.

I opted for mushroom lanterns instead of a balloon garland.

Then we had a pasta bar with salad, broccoli and bread for dinner.  I made the whole dinner and then asked for some help with dessert.

We played in the backyard all evening!

These cute cousins are all 10!

Perfect weather, perfect party, perfect girl!!

Olive got lots of adorable mushroom things!  My sister made her this mushroom purse.  She got mushroom pillows for her bed and a cute jewelry making set.

Party #2 was just as fun!

She requested carrot cake cupcakes and yellow cupcakes along with Snickerdoodles.  I made all the desserts and opted to order pizza for dinner.

She made us matching earrings to wear for the party.

We served pizza and bread sticks with fruit.  It was so easy and so good!

She got some really fun gifts again.  Her uncle surprised her by 3D printing her favorite animal - an axolotl!!  She loved it!

Her cousin Addy made sure to wear her mushroom tee to the party!

We loved getting to see Grandma and all of the Jordan side of the family.

Another night of perfect weather!

She got the veggie squad of Squishmallows, a birthday cake Squishmallow and the cutest mushroom blanket.

This pastel Lego set makes the cutest figures!

The mushroom parties were a big success!  She felt loved and loved how everything came together.  I love themed parties for the kids.  It's one of my very favorite hobbies.  

And this concludes the March, April, May birthday marathon for our kids!


  1. Love love love it all! Happy birthday to your girl!

  2. Great job as always!! Love how you incorporated the theme + all of her favorite things!


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